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Advantages of a gaming laptop over gaming PC

advantages of gaming laptop over gaming desktop

There are a number of people who want answer to this question. Because many of them become suspicious about the gaming laptop when they already have an option of gaming PC. So, I thought I should include this article on my blog and give a touch to it with a discussion.

Instead of answering myself, I would rather try to get the answer from you only. I would start asking few questions and get the answer from you. So, let us start the discussion about today’s hot topic “Advantages on a gaming laptop over gaming PC”.

Since you are a gamer, I know you love to play games like GTA 5, DOTA etc. Suppose you have a gaming PC at your home and you have a separate place for the computer with a gaming chair. Now if you are a student and suppose you live in a hostel also, “will you be able to carry that PC to your classes?”. And I am sure after schooling, computer becomes a necessity and colleges allow you to get a computer with you whenever you to class. So if you have a gaming PC, I am sure you will not be able to carry this with you to anywhere be it library, presentation room, auditorium, mini auditorium and of course to the class. So, if you are a college going student and love to play games, I am pretty sure that gaming laptop would give big advantage over a gaming PC.

Similar is the case with a professional person who goes to office for work. It would not be possible for him to carry gaming PC everyday to the office and back to home. While gaming laptop has the power to do both kind of work with ease.

Now few people might say that what if he works from home and students are taking online classes. In that case, being human being we want comfort and coziness. So, if you are at home, most probably you would want to go to your bed more often. Seriously, isn’t it true ? Yes, it is. So, if you are working from home then chances are you like to work while being on your bed. In that case a gaming PC would not help you.

Many people say that gaming laptops are not powerful enough. Well my friend, this is 2022 now and gaming laptops have evolved to a very good extent and are in no way less powerful than a gaming PC. So, please keep this away from your mind as this is not true.

Now, comes the up-gradation part, people say that it is easy to upgrade your PC but not a gaming laptop. No my friend, this is also wrong as the there are a number of components in a gaming laptop or even a general laptop that can be upgraded easily like RAM and Storage. These are the most important components that decide the performance level of your laptop. Of course software can be easily upgraded with the help of high speed internet / WiFi. Even there few gaming laptops having the ability to upgrade GPU also. And as we all gamer know that GPU (graphics) is the most important component of a gaming laptop.

Also a number of people say that gaming laptops heat up easily and get higher temperature. Yes, this was a big problem earlier but as companies started paying attention to complaints like this, they have resolved many. Nowadays gaming laptops come with very very powerful cooling system. And almost every good gaming laptop come with dual fan cooling system. This keeps the temperature of the laptop under an optimum range and does not let it heat easily. Also you can use a cooling pad if the problem persists and take the help of customer care from the particular brand that you have bought a laptop of. Even some companies have given a specific button or system to get the idea of temperature of every component of your laptop.


So at the end I would like to give a summary of advantages of a gaming laptop over gaming PC-

Great convenience – you can move with your laptop wherever you want. You can work on sitting on a chair or lying on your bed(specially in winter season to get that cozy feeling).

Space constraint – You don’t need a separate space in your room if you have a gaming laptop. While a gaming PC takes a separate space and it is fixed in a room. It cannot be easily moved from one room to the other. basically there is no space constraint for a gaming laptop.

Ease of carrying anywhere – Gaming laptop gives you the freedom of carrying it to anywhere after easily packing in a bag. Whether you go to college for classes or sitting in a library, or go to office for work. Gaming laptop is the way to go when you move outside. Even when you want the repair of your laptop in case some issue comes, you can just pack it your bag and carry it all alone to the repair market.

Easy up-gradation – Gaming laptop also have the option of upgrade of various components. You can upgrade its RAM, storage if it is HDD upgrade it to SSD for better overall speed. In case SSD is already there and is in lesser amount, upgrade it to more. In case cooling system does not work well, replace the fan and thermal paste to a new one.

Multiple connectivity options – Now if you have enough amount of money and you can afford both a gaming laptop and a monitor (a desktop) then you can easily connect your laptop to that bigger screen. This will enhance the gaming pleasure further.

Hence I would say there are multiple advantages of a gaming laptop over gaming PC. Although there are disadvantages also but they are very few and can be ignored when have a number of advantages over other.

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