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Are gaming laptops good for everyday use?

are gaming laptops good for everyday use

Looking for the answer if gaming laptops are good for everyday use or not? Welcome to Roomkit. You have come to the right place, we will discuss it in detail to get you to the right conclusion. See, gaming laptops are very powerful machines with most advanced features, hardware, great look and aesthetics. They generally have very good build quality that makes them highly durable. But all of these come at very high cost as well.

So, comes the real question, “are gaming laptops good for everyday use?”.The answer is, “It depends.”

It depends on what you call everyday use for yourself. What kind of work you have for everyday use.

Do you work on intense and heavy applications having slow speed or you just do internet surfing with multiple tabs open?

You work on some video, photo or graphics related heavy software and do some other very basic stuff?

Are you a content creator who works on heavy software that works great for your content making at fast speed?

or you are a professional having a project of building a gaming software but your current laptop hangs too much or gives very slow performance?

You are a student or a professional but loves to play games and watching movies with great visuals?

and the last question,how much money are you ready to investto own a high performing device that works great doesn’t matter what you throw at it?

I will discuss this in detail to give you the right understanding of the topic. At the end of it, you yourself will be able to decide whether or not a gaming laptops good for everyday use. I will discuss this by describing the properties a gaming laptop has and how it would impact your work and whether it would be suitable for your work or not? Let us see them one by one..

Processor (CPU)

A gaming laptop comes with a very powerful processor having super-fast processing speed. In general, a gaming laptop comes with a processor minimum i7 for Intel and Ryzen 7 for AMD counterpart. These processors are enough to handle any application and gives you the best performance.

Now, if you don’t work on heavy applications and don’t have specific software that is too hard to handle, you don’t need this much powerful processor. Because working on MS office/Excel can be easily handled by an i3 or Ryzen 3 processors even. Or you can even go for i5 or Ryzen 5 at max with that kind of work. But going further will only be a waste of money and power(electricity) needed to run it.

Graphics (GPU)

Gaming laptops come with a dedicated graphics card which is highly suitable for great visuals and streaming. This gives you lag free gaming and streaming. Now if you are a content creator like Youtuber or a Blogger who makes high quality video or photo content, a gaming laptop will be a very good choice for you. Also if you take help of any software related to graphics (video content in general) or you want to watch movies in highly immersive way, you should go for a gaming laptop.

If you don’t fall in any of above categories, gaming laptop will not be suitable for you. Because an integrated graphics card is just more than sufficient in general to do any other kind of stuff.


Coming to RAM, gaming laptops come with high amount of RAM. This is because video games are high amount of memory and to handle those without any compromise with the performance, high RAM is needed. Gaming laptops have minimum 16GB amount of RAM and can go up to 64GB. While today’s normal laptops have RAM which is minimum 8GB. So, in case you run heavy software gaming laptop would be a need. Otherwise a normal laptop would just suffice because 8GB RAM is not that bad. It would easily handle all kind of normal applications.

And my personal suggestion would be to buy a laptop having the option of RAM upgradability.


Now display is also one of the most important factors that comes when comparing a normal laptop and a gaming laptop. Because gaming laptops’ display have IPS technology that makes it to give great video quality with the help of a dedicated GPU. On the other hand, normal laptop doesn’t have such display technology but it is not bad at all. Also, except few very expensive gaming laptops, the screen resolution is 1920*1080 pixels and that is same as that of a normal laptop. So, normal laptop would also suffice when you have work other than intense content creation work or of course gaming.

Battery backup

Battery backup is probably the factor which is ignored when we have comparison between a gaming laptop and any other laptop. Because having very powerful hardware components and a big cooling/ventilation system, battery backup of a gaming laptop is bit less comparatively. Although laptop brands have done enough work on this also, you get only 3-4 hours battery backup in a gaming laptop. While normal laptops come with more battery backups. So, if you are thinking to buy a gaming laptop, you will need a charging adapter with you most of the time.


Weight of a gaming laptop is high and they are bulky, you have to admit this fact. Generally, weight of a gaming laptop starts from 1.8 Kg and goes up to 3 Kg. This makes it a hard to carry device although it is better that a desktop if carrying is an issue. But still, gaming laptop will feel like a burden on your shoulders in case you carry it for a bit longer time. This is for sure not the case with a normal laptop as they have 1.6 Kg weight in total nowadays.

So, if you will carry your laptop for long routes then gaming laptop is not for you unless you are ready to take that load.

Overheating issue

Gaming laptops get lots of complaints of overheating and it is due to the fact that powerful hardware components needs more amount of power. Due to high power consumption in the components, the overall device get heated easily. To overcome this problem, companies have given a complete cooling or ventilation system that helps to lower the temperature to a good extent. Still this temperature is bit more than that of a normal laptop. Because as the laptop gets started all the components start working and remain active, this will obviously increase the temperature of the laptop. But don’t worry, because the cooling system is good enough in these gaming laptops.

Although the temperature will be more, it would be in an optimum range. But cooling fans might make noise.


Now comes probably the most important part of this discussion. The investment you are going to do on your future laptop. In my opinion, if high performance is your need of the work that you do, you must invest on a gaming laptop. Otherwise even if you are not ready to invest a lot of money buying a gaming laptop, there are many gaming laptops that come at affordable price. You can check them in the articles we have written on our website.

Because a really good gaming laptop would come in the price range of 70000 to 1 lakh. On the other hand a normal laptop that would also work fine will come under the price range of minimum 50000 or 600000. It is totally your choice and needs.


Now, we come to the end of this article. We have seen what are the basic and important parameters that give a good comparison between a gaming laptop and normal laptop. Based on these parameters we saw that gaming laptops will be definitely very good for everyday use. Since these are designed to do heavy tasks,normal works are just a piece of cakefor them. But the real question is whether a gaming laptop is for everybody. The answer is No, only people who are in some way involved in intense software application work or are content creators or are gaming lover, gaming laptops are for them only. Otherwise there are a plenty of good laptops too that are capable to give satisfactory performance.

Now after this long discussion and my personal opinion, I think now you areeducated and aware enoughto answer the question yourself “are gaming laptops good for everyday use?”

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