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Benefits of buying things online

Confused about whether you should buy a laptop online? Forget about laptop, are you confused about buying air conditioner, fridge or anything online? Are you doubtful about it? Okay,then let us have a discussion and let me tell you why it would be a better deal..

benefits of buying things online

See, there are a number of people who still become suspicious when it comes to buying their stuff online. Also there are people like me who even order their groceries online from platforms like Amazon and Grofers. Actually even today people are suspicious about online shopping because in past there have been a number of fraud cases. But people have also become more aware and educated to stay away from them. And thankfully it has never been the case with me because I always kept myself fully aware and educated.

Since debit card and credit cards were first ways of looting people, companies started giving payment option through UPI and other payment wallets. But few people were still suspicious and the came, the option ofcash on delivery. This enables people to do the payment at the time of delivery to the delivery man. This boosted online shopping in India to a great great extent.

When doing online purchase always keep one thing in mind, “Trust only trusted brands” like Amazon, Flipkart, Grofers, Bigbasket etc. Otherwise make a cash on delivery order.

So, let me tell you the benefits of online purchase of gaming laptops and other stuff like that..

Lesser prices / Good discounts

This is the one of the biggest advantages of online shopping that they offer things at prices lower than that you could get at an offline store. You can go to any offline store and ask for the price and then check the price for the same thing at Amazon. Very very high chances would be the price at Amazon would be lower. On the top of that, these online giants give discounts to you time to time specially on festivals like Diwali. So, it would be a good deal if you buy your stuff from online trusted brand like Amazon.

Great Convenience

When you shop online, you get great comfort and convenience of shopping from home itself. You can order your stuff sitting at you sofa or even being at your bed. You do not need to go outside specially when it’shot summer season. Also generally people forget to add the amount of money they spend when they go outside for shopping while travelling and the time they invest. In my opinion this must come into your consideration because in offline store, you spend a hell lot of time and most you do not get the clear information.

Get detailed information about the product

While shopping online, you get complete information about the product, its features and very important reviews. On the other hand, store guys do not give you the needed time and consequently the needed information. Even sometimes these store guys try to make fool of you just to sell their product.

Believe or not, you will have to agree that online shopping brands like Amazon and Flipkart have made us aware. Earlier I was also made fool and made to buy the product by giving some false promises. But today it is not the case as I am sure you do research online even if you buy offline.

Wide variety of products

Now, in offline shopping when you want to buy a laptop(say) you would go to an HP store or an ASUS store and in case you like brand Dell but there is no store available in your city. While visiting these stores, you find that you have given lots of your time and still you are not able to buy a product that really want. This is a very big disadvantage of buying things offline.

While in case of online shopping, you get a variety of products of all types and of almost all the brands. This too without wasting lots of time and efforts and everything with complete detail. This is something people do not pay enough attention to.

No pressure of Shopping

Generally in offline stores sales guy tries to influence you with their different types of mix of words. Even sometimes they try to manipulate you so that you should buy a product from their store.

I remember an incident where my uncle went to a big store to buy shoes and while seeing the shoes the sales guy removed a pair of shoes which were very beautiful. When my uncle asked why he removed the shoes, he said,”You can’t afford it”. This touched the ego of my uncle and he immediately bought those very expensive shoes which were not even of his foot’s size. But ultimately who won and who lost ? Obviously the sales guy because he used very heart touching line (although a very bad tactic) and motivated my uncle to buy that expensive pair of shoes.

So, my thing is nobody can pressurize you by any tactic when you are shopping online. It just your wish, your own motivation and your decision making power. Basically online shopping has just empowered you in a big way.

All day all time availability

Offline stores generally are closed at least a day in week and remain open only till midnight at most. But this is not the case with online shopping, you can order your product anytime being at your home or any other place.

Not only this, service agents are active 24 hours in case you have any query related to your purchase. They will guide you in every way possible and this enhances awareness and education about the product you are going to buy.

Saves you from diseases

Yes, it read it right. Online shopping saves you from diseases. I believe everyone in this world has seen the corona virus pandemic that just stopped the whole world from doing what they were. In almost every country, there was alockdownthat brought people to their homes probably for a very long time that they would have ever thought. And everything of this was because of the corona virus that is very dangerous and spreads very easily, just by touching something. Even today you can see a number of corona affected people and new cases.

So, I am saying it was very dangerous to go to markets back then and at that time online shopping helped people to a very good extent. Now, not only corona virus there are many other simple diseases that can you way when you come close to the affected people. In that case, online shopping can be one of the best ways to keep you safe. Because companies like Amazon follow all the guidelines and keep your packets(that you bought) and the delivery guy sanitized and vaccinated respectively.

Conclusion and Tips

Now, we come here after this very useful and needed information. We have seen various advantages of online shopping how people can save their time, efforts and money in comparison to shopping offline. We have also seen that people can save them from the vocal trap of salesman in offline stores and save them from easily viral diseases.

At last I would like to share few tips as well that would help you out while ordering online-

  1. Only order from trusted brands and if it’s a new brand make “cash on delivery” purchase.
  2. As the order comes to you, make a video of opening the packet and completely check if it is the right product or not. If it is not what you were expecting, order a replacement or return if it is available (and if you want it).
  3. Check if there is replacement and return available while purchasing online and then order accordingly.
  4. Download the bill and warranty card of the product that you purchased, this would help you in case of claiming if the products shows some errors.
  5. Stay alert while paying online, in case you don’t know how to do it, take the help of some aware person. My advice would be to pay onlineeither using mobile app or in an incognito tab in a computer(if it is not personal).

With all this info, I wish you all the very best for online shopping.

You have read this article till the end, for that a big thanks from Roomkit.

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