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Best chair for gaming in India

Sitting for long hours on a chair for work or for desk job or maybe for gaming ? Long sitting needs a proper platform to support your back so that you should not feel back pain, neck pain and it should not feel sticky to sit on the chair hence proper air circulation also must be there. Nowadays, gaming has become a wonderful way to spend your free time as they have become super advanced and even this new generation is making career in the gaming field. Hence, it becomes super necessary that you get best gaming chair so that your body feels high comfort and convenience and neck or back pain must not come in between you and your passion even after sitting for long hours.

Some people might even think that it is a wastage of money to invest on a gaming chair but this is not so. Because it is about the most ergonomic product of your long hour sitting. As people generally are in a sitting posture when they are awaken, it becomes very important that they get highly supportive platform to sit on, specially for long hour sitting like in gaming, office work etc.

So, now the question comes how to choose the chair that would be the best gaming chair for us ? Don’t worry we have invested our time and put enough efforts for that specially for you. We have made a list of the best gaming chairs in India 2022 and you can choose the best fit for you.

Best chair for gaming in India – Quick Buyer’s guide

When we see a number of chairs before us, we get confused about which one would be the best pick for us. So, how do we really decide this and for what factors we have shortlisted the chairs in our list. There must be some factors and terms we should look for before making a good purchase of a gaming chair. So, what are those specifications ? that we are going to discuss now.

Internal Frame Material – Internal frame is the most important specification of a gaming chair or any chair for that matter. If the internal frame has been made of strong material, it will have high load carrying capacity, high resistance to sudden loads(sitting), high durability and it will be sturdy.

If the internal frame is Aluminium Or Iron (metal basically), it will be very strong and the chair will be highly durable. Nylon internal frames also come in the gaming chairs but they will be durable only if you keep proper maintenance. This is the reason metal frame chairs are more expensive.

Outer material – To make the gaming chair more comfortable for long hours sitting, materials like PU (Poly Urethane) Leather, breathable mesh fabric are used. This helps to keep the air circulation in the seat and heat must not build up.

Chair Support – Now gaming chairs are more comfortable than conventional chairs because these give proper support to the body. Features like headrest, lumbar support and armrest keep your pain and tiredness away as your body is in relax. These supports can also be adjusted according to your convenience.

Specially armrest must also be adjusted at proper height otherwise your shoulders start feeling uncomfortable after sometime. Some gaming chairs also come with footrest support which can be used when you are taking rest and want to expand your legs.

Adjustability – The best thing about gaming chairs is that they can be adjusted at various level for different factors. Headrest and lumbar pillow can be adjusted at different heights, armrests generally come with 3 D adjustability and the seat itself can be reclined at various angles. You can adjust everything according to your convenience and keep your body at ease for long hours sitting.

Portability – The sturdy base of gaming chair comes with smooth castors (rollers) so that you can easily move around if you want. Also, features like 360 degree swivel make you rotate in any direction keeping the base at the same place. You can use these features when you make conversation with the person near you.

Warranty – Gaming chairs are generally expensive so it must come with a warranty period also. Warranty on gaming chairs varies from 1 year to 3 years. Since you are investing a good amount of money, we select the best chairs for gaming in India to make it worth it.

After sale service – Generally people talk about brands when they buy a product. Why do they do that? because brands care for their customers and provide really good pre and post sale service. Because if some problems comes after selling the product they must be available to help you out. This is the reason we have chosen gaming chairs from one of the best brands.

Best gaming chair in India – List

1. Green Soul Beast Series Fabric and PU Leather Ergonomic and Gaming Chair – Check Price On Amazon

Green Soul is a fast growing profitable start up based in Thane, Maharashtra. Started in 2016, it has grown in India with 85 percent CAGR. This has happened because of their world class quality chairs and one of the best pre and post sale customer service. Same way, this chair has been designed keeping in mind the the style, ergonomics and comfort of Indian customers.

The adjustable and removable headrest pillow has been given in the chair to give you the neck support and to get over discomfort of neck. To provide back support, an adjustable and removable lumbar pillow has been included with the chair to maximize the comfort level of the back. The best thing is back can also be tilted to use it as a recliner.

The material used is breathable cool fabric and PU leather so that enough air circulation must be there and it should not become sticky after sitting for long time. The wider and thicker arms of the chair are 3-D adjustable. These are adjustable in height, angle and back forth direction way. The chair comes with height adjustable and 360 degree swivel feature.

By the way the internal frame has been made of metal.

  • Medium Size, 120 Kg weight capacity chair suitable for 5′ to 5′ 10″ long person
  • Neck pillow and back pillow for neck and back support respectively
  • Racing car bucket seat
  • 100 percent vegan product
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Comes with 3 years warranty


  • Classy look, world class product
  • Scientifically designed to give neck, back, thighs, knees, shoulder and arm support
  • Can also be used as recliner
  • 3-D adjustable armrests
  • Breathable cool fabric and no heat build up


  • Not found yet

2. Green Soul Monster Ultimate Multi-Functional Ergonomic Gaming Chair – Check Price On Amazon

The most wonderful feature of this chair is the extra space given so that one can sit in Indian style cross legged. Because sometimes long hours sitting causes pain to our legs, hence one can easily put his/her legs in cross posture and sit comfortably. Again the Green Soul brand gives one of the best pre and post sale customer service.

The breathable cool fabric keeps the continuous air circulation so that one doesn’t feel sticky due to heat built up. The neck and lumbar pillow, made of velour material, give extra comfort to your neck and back respectively. These give support when you want to take rest in the middle of your work. The adjustable back angle can go from 90 degree to 180 degree, keeping you in a comfortable position whether you are reading a newspaper or book, or working in a office or playing game.

You can also use this as recliner using the back angle feature. This can also be adjusted in height according to your need. The 4-D armrest has been made of PU carbon texture that is soft to touch with a good grip. This can also be adjusted in 4 different dimensions. The 360 degree swivel feature makes it easy to use in any rotation.

  • Suitable for height 5′ 2″ to 5′ 10″ but different variants are also available
  • More breathable than a leather chair
  • Neck and lumbar pillow for comfort and support (made of velour material)
  • Any position lock available
  • Flat spacious seat made of moulded foam for utmost comfort and allowing cross legged sitting
  • Internal frame made of metal
  • Available in multiple colors and heights
  • Comes with 3 years warranty


  • Multi-functional Ergonomic chair
  • Flat seat for cross legged sitting
  • Adjustable back angle between 90 to 180 degree for comfort according to the need
  • 100 percent vegan (no animal cruelty)
  • Breathable cool spandex fabric for continuous air circulation


  • Not found yet

3. CELLBELL GC02 Transformer Series Gaming Ergonomic Chair – Check Price On Amazon

CELLBELL is dedicated to make the best gaming chair to make your experience absolutely gamified. We can call this as ergonomically outstanding chair as it is made of highly durable PU leather with removable headrest and back support cushioning. This has strong and sturdy metal base with high quality casters and hydraulic provides you the desired height adjustments.

This is also having reclining degree of 90 to 180 degree using which you can stretch your body easily. Button adjustable padded armrest gives extra comfort to your arms. The company gives whatsapp number and live chat support for better customer service. The 360 degree swivel feature ease the mobility with 60R castor wheels while rolling the chair from one area of the room to another.

Hence if you need to sit and work for long hours in a day, this is gonna be a great product for you.

  • 125 Kg capacity chair suitable for 5ft to 5′ 8″ height
  • Adjustable and removable headrest and back support
  • Can be used as recliner, adjustable from 90 to 180 degree
  • Button adjustable padded armrest
  • Metal wheel base
  • Hydraulic for desired height adjustment
  • Available in multiple colors
  • One year warranty


  • Hydraulic mechanism for height adjustment
  • Button adjustable padded armrest for more comfort
  • Can be used a recliner taking break in long hours sitting
  • Best gamified experience


  • One 12 months warranty

4. Drogo Multi-purpose Ergonomic Home & Office Chair with Footrest and USB Massager Lumbar Pillow – Check Price On Amazon

This is a chair which everyone has loved be it a gamer or an office worker. The review it has got from the customers is just awesome. The best features in this chair include footrest so that you can extend your legs to full length and feel comfortable. The USB Massager Lumbar pillow can be used by the people who sit for long hours. This USB cable power supply massager can be driven by any USB port on computer, car or even power bank.

You feel extra comfort with full length backrest recline with high back design that let’s you kick back relieve tension on your legs and knees. The extra thick and high density foam offers great comfortable sitting that works well for years without losing its shape.

It has been made of strong metal frame(iron) that prevents it from deforming it easily. Winged back support provides multi point body contact to share the pressure. 360 degree swivel and and smooth racing caster wheels for mobility and stability are other good features.

  • Best for office, gaming, reading & relaxing
  • 120 Kg weight capacity
  • USB massage lumbar pillow
  • Footrest to relax legs and knees
  • Specially designed for long hour gamers and office workers
  • Headrest waistrest system
  • Extra thick high density foam


  • Amazing response from the customers
  • An absolutely multi-functional chair
  • A great way to stretch your body fully at 180 degree with footrest support
  • USB supported massager
  • Adjustable and comfortable armrest
  • Extra thick high density durable foam


  • Not any significant

5. Casa Copenhagen ES70 Home & Office Chair – Check Price On Amazon

Probably one of the most liked chairs by buyers Casa Copenhagen is. Everyone who has bought it, appreciated it. We found no buyer complaining about the chair and i think that is the best about a product. This is a home and office chair which can be used for other long hours sitting like in gaming also.

People who are on work from home need this kind of chair which comes with soft PU leather seat. That too with premium leatherette finish promoting no animal cruelty. This also has 90-180 degree reclining system to give you rest in breaks. This can be adjusted with an angle controller and set at different angles. The head rest pillow and lumbar cushion keeps your neck and back relaxed, giving you soothing experience with any pain even after long hours work .

The Aluminium metal base makes it sturdy and strong making it a highly durable product. The basic features of 360 degree swivel and height adjustable are already there. This is the chair about which you will not be able to complain and anyone can enjoy it be it a gamer, office worker or even any random sitter.

  • Office, Gaming chair
  • Shaped cotton seat
  • Premium leatherette finish
  • Headrest pillow and lumbar pillow
  • Aluminium metal base
  • 360 degree swivel and soft armrest
  • Chrome base, smooth casters


  • Best customer response
  • Highly durable chair
  • Good for both office work and gaming and even other stuff
  • Wonderful finishing and wheels are very smooth
  • Available in multiple colors also


  • Found nothing yet

6. Misuraa Imported Xenon High Back Ergonomic Chair – Check Price On Amazon

In the beginning I was bit confused to include this chair in the list. But then I thought I should also include a chair in the list where a breathable mesh has been used. Because breathable mesh on the back side and that of the seat as well keeps your complete touch cool. As no heat buildup will be there in this chair and that too comes with high comfort to the back, neck and the seat, this really might be a good choice for office workers.

The chair has adjustable lumbar support and recline feature allowing you to tilt your backrest or sit straight. Although Aluminium base makes it bit costly but believe me it is worth it. Heavy duty caster wheels, adjustable lumbar support height, the armrest height and backrest tilt are some wonderful features making a really good chair to go for.

  • 140 Kg capacity office and home chair
  • Mesh seat and back for air circulation
  • Adjustable lumbar support and seat depth
  • Adjustable armrest height and headrest
  • Multi position back recline locking
  • One year warranty


  • Aluminium internal frame makes it sturdy, firm and durable
  • Breathable mesh at the back support and seat resulting no heat build up
  • Adjustable seat height, lumbar support, headrest, backrest tilt etc
  • 140 Kg weight capacity of the chair


  • Bit expensive due to aluminium frame
  • Few gamers might not like it

7. INNOWIN Jazz High Back Mesh Ergonomic Chair for Office and Home – Check Price On Amazon

If you are looking for a really good long hours working chair that is affordable also, this would be a good choice for you. This has all the necessary features you would look for in a chair, starting from 2 D lumbar support which is height adjustable and depth adjustable for perfect ergonomics of the chair. With the lumbar support, there is no scope of back pain.

The base and castors have been made of Nylon having load capacity as high as 125 Kg. Heavy duty multi position lock mechanism works to tilt back support at different positions. The adjustable armrest, seat height, headrest height are other attractive features that persuade you to buy this chair.

Innowin Jazz Ergonomic Chair
  • 125 Kg weight capacity
  • Nylon base and internal material
  • Breathable nylon mesh at the back
  • Adjustable seat height, armrest and headrest
  • Multi lock positions of lumbar support
  • One year warranty on all manufacturing defects including screw
  • Highly positive feedback from customers


  • Highly positive feedback from the customers
  • Specially designed for long hours sitting
  • Nylon base and castor make it smooth to run on the floor
  • Adjustable support heights


  • Comparatively less durable than metal frame chair

8. Savya Home Apex Crusader XI Ergonomic Gaming and Office Chair – Check Price On Amazon

The multipurpose gaming chair covered by breathable premium PU leather comes with freely adjustable lumbar support and headrest pillow protecting your spinal and neck. The easy lock tilt adjustment feature relieve tired feeling and stress of long working hours.

The soft PU leather office chair is a perfect addition for you in the office, study room and meeting room as it offers highly comfortable and soft seating. This is also an easy to assemble and put together product as assembly time is as low as 15 minutes.

Designed with human oriented ergonomic construction lasts long with 360 degree swivel and nylon smooth rolling casters have great stability and mobility.

  • 140 Kg weight capacity
  • Multi purpose gaming chair
  • smooth alloy rolling casters for easy mobility
  • 360 degree swivel
  • Made from high quality material
  • Strong metal frame
  • 90 to 180 degree reclining


  • Soft PU leather gives comfortable seating
  • 360 degree swivel and alloy large casters
  • Multi purpose chair


  • Although claiming high load capacity but bottom plastic chase will not be able to sustain high load

Best chair for gaming in India – FAQs

Q. How do we make gaming chair more comfortable ?

For more comfort you must adjust neck rest, back rest, armrest and the seat itself to a proper height. For example if the armrest is not at proper height, your shoulders will start feeling pain and more sitting in that posture make your body bend froward every time you sit with more height. If you keep the armrest at lower height, you will not get the adequate support for your arms needed for your arms. Hence you must keep at a height in the range of most comfortable position. Similarly other factors must be adjusted at comfortable position. Depending on the kind of work you are doing on the chair you should recline the seat accordingly. For example while reading you can keep the chair at 110-120 degree.

Q. Can gaming chair be used for office work ?

Yes, definitely. Gaming chair is suitable for any kind of sitting as they are the most comfortable one. But vice versa is not true.

Q. Which is the best gaming chair under 10000 ?

I would recommend you to go for Innovin Jazz High Back Mesh ergonomic chair.

Q.How durable gaming chairs are ?

Gaming chairs generally last from an year to 5 years. But it also depends on you as well, you must take care of the maintenance of chair also for long use.

Best gaming chair in India – Conclusion

When you are into gaming there is more into it than just a big screen or that stylish gaming handle. There is much important thing to have fun for long time that is your health. Because gaming is a long hours sitting thing specially for the people who make career in this field. Hence keeping health in mind, we have selected some of the best gaming chairs in India. These gaming chairs are not only stylish but also highly ergonomic products. To give your neck and back a good support, to keep enough air circulation on the seat and to make your overall sitting in a healthy posture, Gaming chair is going to be the best thing you are going to buy.

Through this article, we believe that we have given some value to you and narrow down your research of gaming chair list, consequently saving your precious time. Still we suggest you to make an informed decision before buying your lovely gaming chair. Have a good time with that.

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