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8 Best gaming laptop under 1.5 lakh in India (May 2022)

Do you love to play GTA V, PUBG or any other similar game like that ? Looking for a gaming laptop to enhance your gaming experience ? Welcome to, you are at the right place. We will suggest and recommend you the best gaming laptop under 1.5 lakh in India. See, today gamers are looking for more intense gaming experience and not just intense gaming, more immersive the gaming experience is, more exciting it becomes. So, as the gaming industry has upgraded their technology with high quality graphics and hundreds of wonderful features, gaming laptops have also upgraded their core parts. Be it graphics, processor or cooling ability, every specification needs to be upgraded to run heavy and powerful games.

Consequently it becomes bit difficult to search for a really powerful gaming laptop that suits you andmake your gaming experience overwhelming. But not to worry, here we are for you to reduce your time and effort to choose the best gaming laptop under 1.5 lakh. At roomkit, we invest hours for research and comparison to get the list of best of the best products. That way, we make a list of top 10 best gaming laptops for you and you cango for any of them based on your choice with the links providedto Amazon after each laptop. Amazon always gives you the best price available in the market.

So, without wasting anymore time, let’s see the best gaming laptops list and then their detailed review.

Please make sure that you buy your new gaming laptop from the amazon links provided below after each gaming laptop whenever you buy one. This motivates us to write more quality content for you. This way, you also appreciate our efforts and hard work to give you the best result. Although we get the commission from the purchase but do not worry this is not going to change the price of your laptop, not even by single rupee. Please continue…

Best gaming laptop under 1.5 lakh in India – Review

Now, we will discuss all the specifications and features of the best gaming laptops that we have in our list.

1. Acer Predator Helios Gaming laptop

Acer Predator Helios
  • 15.6 inch FHD IPS display
  • 16GB RAM upgradable up to 32GB
  • Up to 360 Hz display refresh rate
  • 11th Generation Intel Core i9-11900H processor
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 6GB dedicated graphics card
  • 1TB SSD Storage
  • Windows 11 Home OS

First beast we have is Predator Helios that impressed every gamer who bought it. As a gamer one must have already seen the legacy predator series from Acer brand has created. These laptop come with very powerful CPU and GPU combination with all kind of latest features that gaming laptop requires. Let us discuss everything in detail and know this latest model from the series…

Processor – To crush the competition with impressive power and speed, you get 11th Generation Intel Core i9-11900H processor. This processor is ready to run most intensive games making your gaming experience magically immersive. This CPU has the processing speed limit of 4.6 GHz which is great.

Graphics – For ultimate gaming fun, the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 6GB graphics card has been installed in the laptop. No doubt, its award winning Ampere architecture is all set for smooth streaming.

Display – For great visual experience, you have 15.6 inch FHD display with IPS technology. The FHD technology gives you thescreen resolution of 1440*1080 pixels. With 360Hz display refresh rate, you get blazing fast and seamless experience. Its highest brightness intensity level also can go up to 300 nits and this is good enough. One more important thing, you are going to fall in love with its colorful4 zone RGB keyboardas it adds so much beauty to this gaming device.

Memory and Storage – The Helios laptop comes with 16GB RAM that is sufficient to run any application or program smoothly. This too is upgradable up to 32GB as two slots are available for RAM. For storage, 1TB SSD memory is there which is good enough to store your personal files. The fast SSD type storage enhances the overall speed of the laptop, ultimately giving very good performance.

Operating System – Pre-loaded Windows 11 Home operating system comes with the laptop with lifetime validity.

Cooling feature – Talking about cooling feature, this gaming laptop is equipped with 5th gen aeroblade fan having 89 blades increasing the air intake. This keep the laptop at nice, cool temperature without noise. This, for sure, helps the laptop maximize its performance.

Other – To make it full connected device online and offline both, the laptop comes with all the needed connections. WithKiller’s E2600 and Killer Wi-Fi 6,you will have all the tools giving to win the online competition. Similar way for offline, you have plethora of ports be it HDMI, MiniDP or USB.

Verdict – Overall, I would say thislight weightis a gaming laptop from Predator series of Acer. In past also, gamers got impressed by this device. This is again alatest version of the Predator serieswith all great features and you will definitely love it.

2. MSI GP66 Leopard Gaming laptop

MSI GP66 Leopard
  • 15.6 inch full HD IPS display
  • 16GB RAM expandable up to 64GB
  • Up to 240 Hz display refresh rate
  • Intel i7-11800H processor
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX3060 GDDR6 6GB dedicated graphics card
  • 1TB SSD Storage
  • Windows 10 Home OS

The gaming laptops made by MSI, a leading computer hardware company, have always amazed the gamers like anything. They have been launching one of the best gaming laptops impressing the gamers across the globe. Following the way, they have released this beast in the market. Let us discuss about its awesome features after which you would see it as gaming beast in real terms as follows…

Processor – This MSI laptop is equipped with powerful and latest 11th gen Intel processor Core i7-11800H. This processor is 40 percent better in terms of performance than its previous version. This octa core processor can enhance the processing speed as high as 4.6 GHz which is great.

Graphics – For ultimate performance, you have GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card from NVIDIA brand. This comes with 6GB GDDR6 dedicated graphics and this is a great amount for processing of visual data enhancement. For ray tracing graphics and stutter free gaming, this device is something you must go for.

Display – The laptop has got 15.6 inch full HD display that comes with IPS technology widening the viewing angle. Also the 15.6 inch size is standard size for a gaming laptop although one might go for bigger. Thin bezels make the screen bit more wider to give you real life experience with screen. The special feature that I would consider with this laptop is its display refresh rate that can go up to240 Hz. This is like wow, streaming you get with this will surely amaze you. Thecolorful RGB backlit keyboardwill add cherry to the cake and make your laptop look really beautiful.

Memory and Storage – You get 16GB RAM with the laptop and that is much more than sufficient to run multiple tasks or play heavy games. In case the applications or games become heavier in future, you can upgrade the RAM up to 64GB. It means you can enjoy this laptop for many years easily if you want. For storage also, there is 1TB SSD type memory making the overall speed of the device really high.

Operating System – The laptop comes with preloaded Windows 10 Home operating system with lifetime validity. This too can beupgraded to Windows 11 freeof cost whenever available.

Cooling feature – Since gaming laptops generally have the issue of heating up in no time, this laptop comes with a wonderful ventilation system for cooling purpose. The laptop has got 2 fans, 6 heat pipes and excellent ventilation minimizing the heat and maximizing the airflow for smooth gaming performance.

Other – For connectivity, you get the most complete I/O ports to support all kind of data transmission. This gives you more flexibility and diverse experience that you might look for. 720p HD camera and inbuilt microphone make the access to your close ones easy. For extraordinary wireless experience, you will have the latestWi-Fi 6E featurethat delivers stunning speed. Last but not the least, you get multiple software applications for help from MSI brand.

Verdict – This is a thin and light design laptop that comes with so many wonderful features. I would say this is a great gaming laptop at this price, you are definitely going tofall in lovewith this.

3. Acer Nitro 5 ANS15-45 Gaming Laptop

Acer Nitro 5 AN515-58
  • 15.6 inch FHD IPS display
  • 16GB RAM upgradable up to 32GB
  • Up to 144 Hz display refresh rate
  • 12th Gen Intel Core i7-12700H processor
  • Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050Ti graphics
  • 512GB SSD and 1TB HDD
  • Windows 11 OS

The next beast we have added to the list is Nitro 5 laptop from Acer. This is again as good as we saw the previous one. The unique feature this has is its 14 core processor that makes the processing butter like smooth with 4.7 GHz processing speed. This will make your gaming experience awesome.

Processor(CPU) – This acer laptop is powered by an Intel Core i7 12700H processor that is able to run most demanding apps all at once. That too run with fast responsiveness with 4.7 GHz processor speed. It means this gaming laptop comes with very powerful processor.

Display – The 15.6 inch FHD IPS display is too awesome. Its display has resolution of 1920*1080 pixels and also has 4 zone RGB keyboard making the laptop look awesome. The display also has refresh rate of 144Hz that will make your gaming session fluid and unbroken. This will help you land those shots with pinpoint accuracy.

Graphics(GPU) – To provide ultimate performance for gamers and creators, a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050Ti graphics card with 4GB VRAM has been installed. This gives you amazing streaming experience for gaming that you are not gonna miss.

Memory and Storage – The laptop comes with 16GB DDR4 RAM which is expandable up to 32GB. The device also has got hybrid storage of fast 512GB SSD & 1TB HDD which is sufficient to give overall speedy performance and space to keep files.

Operating System – This Acer laptop comes with the latest Windows 11 Home operating system.

Other – While playing heavy games or any other heavy app use, twin fans are helpful for cooling. Also the NitroSense utility app helps you to control fan speed and lighting whenever necessary to get optimum performance. Not only this. the gaming laptop also comes with killer connectivity. For better connectivity, you getEthernet E26001 and WiFi-6 (killer WiFi 6)solutions. LastlyXbox game passopens the door to your entry to the game world.

Verdict – Overall I would say it is undoubtedly one of the best gaming laptop under 1.5 lakh in India. Nothing more, I think last line is sufficient to describe this laptop.

4. Lenovo Legion 5 Gaming Laptop

Lenovo Legion 5
  • 15.6 inch full HD display
  • 16GB RAM upgradable up to 32GB
  • 165Hz display refresh rate
  • AMD Ryzen 7 5800H processor
  • Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 graphics
  • 2TB SSD Storage
  • Windows 11 Home OS

Next we have in the list a Lenovo laptop that would be suitable for personal use, for student and of course for gaming. The unique thing about this laptop is its 2TB SSD storage which is really good at this price range. Apart from this, other features are same as that of a great gaming laptop or creator laptop should have. Because of those features it works flawlessly and we will discuss them one by one.

Processor – Ryzen 7 – 5800H 5th gen processor by AMD has been installed in this laptop. The laptop has processor speed up to 4.4GHz which is good enough to give you smooth response.

Display – 15.6 inch full HD display comes with dolby vision and IPS technology. This has brightness level up to 300 nits and has refresh rate of 165Hz. The display screen resolution is 1920*1080 pixels. Also the RGB keyboard adds more beauty to the device.

Graphics(GPU) – GeForce RTX 3060 GDDR6 type dedicated graphics card of 6GB by NVIDIA gives you great screen visuals and makes your gaming experience more immersive.

Memory and Storage – The laptop has 16GB RAM DDR4 type which is expandable up to 32GB in case of future need. Also 2TB SSD storage is much more and amazing at this price and you can keep every piece of your information with this much storage.

Operating System – The laptop comes with the latest Windows 11 Home operating system.

Other – Its cooling effects are very good and do not let the device heat up even while playing heavy games or running heavy apps. The battery is also very good, works up to 6 hours in case of normal work / without gaming.

Verdict – Well, few people might find it bit costly anyway it’s your choice. If you find it costly, you can go for any of previous two laptops.

5. Omen by HP Gaming Laptop

HP Victus
  • 16.1 inch QHD IPS display
  • 16GB RAM expandable up to 32GB
  • Up to 144 Hz display refresh rate
  • AMD Ryzen 7-5800H processsor
  • AMD Radeon RX 6600M 8GB dedicated graphics
  • 1TB SSD Storage
  • Windows 11 Home OS

If you are looking for bigger size display than 15.6 inch then this 16.1 inch display of Omen by HP is for you. HP has done fabulous job by launching this series of Omen giving highly powerful laptops. Let us see the features in detail now

Processor – The HP laptop has very powerful Ryzen 7-5800H processor by AMD brand. This makes your laptop quick to respond with processing speed as high as 4.4 GHz.This is octa(8) core and 16 threads processor.

Display – The laptop comes with 16.1 inch FHD IPS anti-glare display that has resolution of 1920*1080 pixels and that is amazing. The light / brightness intensity can be as high as 300 nits which makes it work even in high sunlight as well. The display also has refresh rate of 144 Hz and anti-glare protection to protect the eyes from harmful rays. Also the 4-zone RGB backlit keyboard adds more beauty to the laptop.

Graphics – In this laptop as well, you will have amazing dedicated Radeon RX 6600M graphics card by AMD. Thisgraphics card is of 8GBin size and this is gonna make your gaming really really wonderful. Because 8GB graphics card is too good and both processor and GPU are of the same brand (AMD), they work in sync to deliver the the best performance.

Memory and Storage – 16 GB RAM of DDR4 type has been installed in the laptop which can be expanded up to 32 GB. Also the laptop has 1TB storage of SSD type and that is enough in my opinion.

Operating System – You will get the latest Windows 11 Home pre-installed in the laptop.

Other – Coming to the other features that I can talk about. It has got all kind of ports that give you high speed data transfer be it HDMI, USB & headphone, mic etc. Also the WiFi 2*2 and Bluetooth 5.2 is a perfect combination that empowers you for high end gaming. In addition to all of these, you getMS office Home and Student 2019pre-installed in it.

Verdict – Omen series by HP has done pretty well in the market. Omen laptops have been loved by the gamers because of their great performance. In my opinion, this laptop is a ready to go laptop, you can buy this.

6. ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 Gaming Laptop

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14
  • 14 inch QHD display
  • 16 GB RAM expandable up to 24 GB
  • Up to 120 Hz display refresh rate
  • AMD Ryzen 9- 5900HS processor
  • Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 graphics
  • 1 TB SSD Storage
  • Windows 10 Home OS

Few people don’t like heavy weight laptops, they prefer thin and slim, small / medium size laptops. If weight is your concern then this laptop is for you. This light weight laptop gives high performance with very powerful processor of Ryzen 9. It has finger print sensor on its power button. Not only this, its solid build quality, fantastic keyboard and awesome cooling ability while gaming makes it an excellent choice for gamers. Obviously you can do other normal works in buttery smooth way.

Processor – The compact laptop comes with very powerful processor Ryzen 9 5800 HS from AMD brand. Its processing speed can be as high as 4.5 GHz, no doubt the processor will make the laptop run buttery smooth.

Display – The laptop comes with 14 inch QHD IPS display with resolution of 2560*1440 pixels. The anti glare panel gives protection to the eyes for long hours use. The display has refresh rate of 120Hz and that is good enough.

Graphics – The wonderful graphics card of Nvidia, GeForce RTX 3060 of GDDR6 type with 6 GB VRAM has been installed in the laptop. Obviously this is gonna make your gaming experience awesome.

Memory and Storage – The laptop has 16 GB RAM of DDR4 type that is expandable up to 24 GB. The storage capacity is 1 TB of SSD type.

Operating System – Pre loaded Windows 10 Home with lifetime validity is there. This can be upgraded to windows 11 whenever available.

Other – Pre installed Office Home and Student 2019 is there in the laptop with lifetime validity. Also McAfee Anti-virus software is there with one year warranty. The weight of the laptop is only 1.7 Kg making it an easy portable machine. Last but not the least you also get Xbox games pass with one month subscription.

Verdict – Its metal chassis gives it tough build quality, also the awesome sound quality make it a perfect choice for gamers. If you are looking for a compact laptop with high performance, you should go for this without second thought.

7. Dell G15 5520 Gaming Laptop

Dell G15 5520
  • 15.6 inch full HD anti-glare display
  • 16GB RAM upgradable up to 32GB
  • 120 Hz display refresh rate
  • Intel Core 7-12700H processor
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050Ti 4GB RAM
  • 512 GB SSD Storage
  • Windows 11 OS

If you want a laptop having standard or bit old kind of a look, this laptop is for you. Although its weight increases a bit but you will get a wonderful look. Now let us jump to the features

Processor – You will get powerful processor of Intel brand, Core i7-12700H in this laptop. This has the processing speed as high as 4.7 GHz and this is great. Also as it is a 12 core processor, no doubt the processor is really good.

Display – The display is 15.6 inch in size which is full HD. The display has refresh rate of 120 Hz and brightness intensity can go up to 250 nits. Also the display is anti-glare LED, that protects your eyes. The display resolution is 1920*1080 pixels. I think display is very good in quality.

Graphics – 4GB GDDR6 type graphics card of NVIDIA brand GeForce RTX 3050Ti is there in the laptop. Although it is good but I believe it could be better in this price range.

Memory and Storage – 16GB RAM comes with the laptop and this too with the upgradation up to 32GB. For storage 512 GB SSD comes with the device. I think this is where DELL is lagging, the storage section. Because at this price range this is bit less in amount.

Operating System – This laptop comes with pre-insatalled Windows 11 as operating system. That means you will see the taskbar in the middle of lower part of the screen.

Other – The orange backlit keyboard with G-key also comes with the device. The G-key is useful for turbo boost of power when gaming gets critical. Coming to the connectivity, you get all kind of ports, be it HDMI, USB type-A and type-C, headphone, mic etc. Another connectivity option of WiFi 6 and Bluetooth are there making it ready to game on it. Added things is Microsoft office Home and Student 2021 obviously this will help you in multiple ways.

Verdict – Well, overall I would say if your needs align with this laptop, you should go for this. Otherwise I have given multiple options above as well.

8. ASUS TUF F15 Gaming laptop

ASUS TUG Gaming F15
  • 15.6 inch full HD IPS display
  • 16GB RAM expandable up to 32GB
  • Up to 144Hz display refresh rate
  • Intel Core i7 12th Gen processor
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050Ti GDDR6 4GB VRAM
  • 512GB 3.0 SSD Storage
  • Windows 11 Home OS

Next, we have added to the list is ASUS TUF F15 laptop that works like a well oiled machinery with a beautiful display, has a long lasting battery and great cooling power. I think it’s a great computer with great features and build in quality giving us the reason to keep it on the first rank. Let us now discuss the features in detail .

Processor(CPU) – Processor is the brain of a computer and that must be very powerful. The asus laptop has 12th Gen core i7 powerful processor of Intel with base speed of 2.3GHz that can be boosted up to 4.7GHz. This also has 14 cores and 24MB cache memory. I would say this processor is very very powerful making the heavy games running very smooth.

Display – The gaming laptop screen size should be good enough to get the broad view. 15.6 inch full HD display of this laptop has screen resolution of 1920*1080 pixels with refresh rate of 144Hz. The light intensity of the screen is 250 nits which is enough even outside of the home (sunlight). Not only this, to protect your eyes from the harmful rays, it has vIPS levelanti-glarepanel.

Graphics – Well, the laptop has dedicated NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050Ti GDDR6 4GB VRAM graphics card that is very very good and you are gonna love it.

Memory and Storage – The laptop comes with speedy 512GB SSD storage and that is really good. Also 16GB DDR4 RAM has been installed which can be upgraded up to 32GB. This much RAM is sufficient to play heavy games and other apps.

Operating System – Pre-installed Windows 11 Home operating system comes with the laptop that has lifetime validity.

Other – Then comes the cooling ability, which is very very good of this laptop. The dual channel fan gives long lasting cooling with four heat pipes and three heat sinks. This way it keeps the laptop at optimum temperature even while playing heavy games. You will also getMcAfee anti viruswith 1 year warranty.

Verdict – Well, any big game you name, this laptop gives you high performance be it PUBG, GTA V, DOTA 2 or Counter Strike(CS). No doubt it is a great computer making it one of the best gaming laptop under 1.5 lakh in India.

After reading the article I am damn sure, now you are having a a plenty of wonderful options before you. Depending on the brand you like, the features and your budget you can go for any of them. Also I am pretty sure that after buying a gaming laptop from above the list, you will flaunt among your friends like this –

best gaming laptop under 1.5 lakh

Let us move to the next part of the article..

Best gaming laptop under 1.5 lakh in India – Buying Guide

See, before buying something we must be educated enough about the product. Specially in case of expensive things like gaming laptops. So one must know what are those specifications which make your laptop one of the best gaming laptop under 1.5 lakh in India. Let us look at them one by one and become aware about them to know what kind of impact they make on your laptop.

  • Processor – Processor or CPU is basically the brain of the computer. More powerful it is, the better performance it gives. Nowadays, very complex and heavy games like GTAV, DOTA 2 etc are being built and updated, that’s why a powerful processor is a must. The laptops that we have chosen in our list, almost all of them have highly advanced and latest processor. That can handle heavy programs / games like so smooth. Some examples of powerful gaming processors are Ryzen 7, Ryzen 9 and Intel core i7 etc.
  • Graphics – See, your gaming experience will only become awesome if you get high quality graphics. This is the reason quality graphics are must for a gaming laptop. Graphics are responsible for representation and manipulation of image data, the kind of visual content quality you see depends on what kind of graphics technology your computer contains. All the gaming laptops that we have covered in the list contain one of the best GPU to make your gaming experience just awesome.
  • Display – Coming to display, it is basically the projecting mechanism that is used in the computer to show you the visual content. Not only this, some other factors like refresh rate, sharpness and size of the screen are also responsible for display. One minor factor, brightness intensity can be also added to the list that is generally measured in nits. For a gaming laptop, a medium to big size screen would be good. The refresh rate should be the more than 100 Hz and sharpness can be measured in terms of pixels(horizontal and vertical). The gaming laptops we have in the list above, all contain really good display for wonderful gaming visuals.
  • RAM and Storage – RAM is used to store the data in the memory temporarily. If you are running few applications, working on large files, running Photoshop, playing games or even have a number of tabs open in the browser, you will need RAM for this. So, more RAM you have more programs you will be able to run smoothly. Now, for gaming at least 8GB RAM is a must and 16GB RAM would be a good choice. Almost all the laptops that we have in the list above contain at least 16GB RAM and that too is upgardable in future need. Coming to storage, going for faster storage will be good for gaming computer. SSD type storage is faster when compared to HDD. Now how much storage, see in this advanced world of internet, you don’t need high amount of storage. Still, you cannot upload few personal things on internet as well. So, at least 512 GB storage must be there in your laptop. Otherwise you should go for more.
  • Operating System – You should get a gaming laptop or any laptop for that matter which comes with the latest operating system. Or you can install the latest operating system manually also. The operating system gives you right kind of security of your data and application and what you actually are doing. Not only this the latest operating system comes with comparatively more features, more power and battery saver feature. The list above includes gaming laptops with the latest version of Windows, Windows 10 Home. Also, this will upgrade to Windows 11 whenever it is available.
  • Cooling ability – When a computer is running heavy applications, it must be able to handle that much load. Otherwise a weak hardware will not able to dissipate heat and the computer will get heat up easily in no time. Now, all the laptops that we have in the list have very good cooling ability.
  • Battery back up – Coming to battery back up, higher it is the better it is. A battery back up of 4-5 hours after full charge would be good.
  • Other features – Connectivity ports(USB and HDMI), sound quality are few other minor factors that decide the quality of the laptop. Xbox gaming subscription, office student 2019 for work are other added advantages that some brands offer while purchasing a laptop.

Best gaming laptop under 1.5 lakh – FAQs

Q1. Which is the best gaming laptop under 150000?

Under the budget of 150000, there are multiple gaming laptops that come from different brands. Well, with this budget you will get very powerful processor and high quality graphics, high RAM, high storage, wonderful display, battery back up, latest Windows version. In the list, we have added many such laptops and you can consider any of them.

Q2. Which laptop is the best for GTA 5?

See, GTA 5 is a very heavy game / application and you will need a laptop having high RAM, powerful processor and high quality graphics. We have added the best gaming laptop under 1.5 lakh in our list above that would be suitable for playing games like GTA 5, DOTA 2, Counter strike etc.

Q3. Is gaming laptop good for coding and video editing?

Gaming laptops are good for office work and students and since they come with powerful CPU, normal works like coding or programming become a piece of cake for them. Also for video or content creators, gaming laptops are good due to the reason of high quality graphics. Since they are made to run heavy apps, they consume a lot of battery in less time. So, if you want to a portable laptop, gaming laptop must be kept with a charger. Also, one thing must be kept in mind that gaming laptops are very expensive. So, if you want to do only normal works, I would not recommend you to go for gaming laptop. Better you should buy a mid price range laptop that would be a much better choice and it will be more suitable.

Best gaming laptop under 1.5 lakh – Conclusion

These were the best gaming laptops that we had shown above, these come after a lot of research, comparison and hard work. Not only the best gaming laptop under 1.5 lakh, we have also given all the necessary and useful information about gaming laptops. I think you are now much more educated and aware about all the specifications that make a gaming laptop one of the best. So, in the end of this big article , I believe you would buy a really good gaming laptop that suits all your needs. If you have any question related to gaming laptop, you can write to us anytime in the section below. We will reply as soon as possible.

With best wishes from Roomkit.

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