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Best gaming laptop with 6GB graphics card

Looking for 6GB graphics card laptop ? Welcome to Roomkit, you have come to the right place. The laptop with 6GB vRAM arenot only are helpful for gaming, they are also helpful for video editors, graphic designers and other similarpeople who are in some way connected with photo and video editing. Now the laptop now we are going to discuss about are for gamers particularly but can be used by editing professionals also.

First of all, let us throw some light onGraphics card, what it is and why this is useful. I will explain this in brief to save your time. Graphics card is basically a motherboard having its own processor, its own RAM (which is called visual RAM) and input-output connectors. The graphics card takes the pixels of pictures as input from CPU of the computer, processes it keeping it in its memory (VRAM) using its GPU and output this in the form of visuals and pictures on the display. Higher the RAM its has, more data will it be able to process in less time and overall putting low pressure on the computer CPU. Now, for gaming and photo/video editing you need a high RAM graphics card for great quality visuals and pictures.

Now, let us know what are the gaming laptops that come with graphics card that have 6GB RAM. Also let us review them in detail along with that to make a wise buying decision for your customized needs. After choosing the laptop of your choice, you canbuy that laptop through the linksto Amazon given after each laptop.

1. MSI GP66 Leopard

MSI leopard 6gb graphics card
MSI GP66 Leopard
  • 15.6 inch full HD IPS display
  • 16GB RAM expandable up to 64GB
  • Up to 240 Hz display refresh rate
  • Intel i7-11800H processor
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX3060 GDDR6 6GB dedicated graphics card
  • 1TB SSD Storage
  • Windows 10 Home OS

The gaming laptops made by MSI, a leading computer hardware company, have always amazed the gamers like anything. They have been launching one of the best gaming laptops impressing the gamers across the globe. Following the way, they have released this beast in the market. Let us discuss about its awesome features after which you would see it as gaming beast in real terms as follows…

Processor – This MSI laptop is equipped with powerful and latest 11th gen Intel processor Core i7-11800H. This processor is 40 percent better in terms of performance than its previous version. This octa core processor can enhance the processing speed as high as 4.6 GHz which is great.

Graphics – For ultimate performance, you have GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card from NVIDIA brand. This comes with 6GB GDDR6 dedicated graphics and this is a great amount for processing of visual data enhancement. For ray tracing graphics and stutter free gaming, this device is something you must go for.

Display – The laptop has got 15.6 inch full HD display that comes with IPS technology widening the viewing angle. Also the 15.6 inch size is standard size for a gaming laptop although one might go for bigger. Thin bezels make the screen bit more wider to give you real life experience with screen. The special feature that I would consider with this laptop is its display refresh rate that can go up to240 Hz. This is like wow, streaming you get with this will surely amaze you. Thecolorful RGB backlit keyboardwill add cherry to the cake and make your laptop look really beautiful.

Memory and Storage – You get 16GB RAM with the laptop and that is much more than sufficient to run multiple tasks or play heavy games. In case the applications or games become heavier in future, you can upgrade the RAM up to 64GB. It means you can enjoy this laptop for many years easily if you want. For storage also, there is 1TB SSD type memory making the overall speed of the device really high.

Operating System – The laptop comes with preloaded Windows 10 Home operating system with lifetime validity. This too can beupgraded to Windows 11 freeof cost whenever available.

Cooling feature – Since gaming laptops generally have the issue of heating up in no time, this laptop comes with a wonderful ventilation system for cooling purpose. The laptop has got 2 fans, 6 heat pipes and excellent ventilation minimizing the heat and maximizing the airflow for smooth gaming performance.

Other – For connectivity, you get the most complete I/O ports to support all kind of data transmission. This gives you more flexibility and diverse experience that you might look for. 720p HD camera and inbuilt microphone make the access to your close ones easy. For extraordinary wireless experience, you will have the latestWi-Fi 6E featurethat delivers stunning speed. Last but not the least, you get multiple software applications for help from MSI brand.

Verdict – This is a thin and light design laptop that comes with so many wonderful features. I would say this is a great gaming laptop at this price, you are definitely going tofall in lovewith this.

2. HP Omen

HP omen 6g graphics card
HP Omen
  • 15.6 inch full HD IPS anti glare display
  • 16GB RAM upgradable up to 32GB
  • Up to 144 Hz display refresh rate
  • 5th gen AMD Ryzen 7 processor
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 6GB dedicated graphics card
  • 1TB SSD Storage
  • Windows 10 Home OS

Next beast that we have in the list comes from HP brand to amaze you with its performance. The Omen laptop gives you the kind of performance and power that a pro gamer expects from a great gaming laptop. Its feature ofconnecting up to 3 external monitorstogether and then giving top notch performance makes it really unique. This is going to just blow your mind and give you goosebumps. Let us discuss its great features in detail as follows…

Processor – The very powerful 5th gen AMD Ryzen 7 5800H processor is there that works like a powerful and heavy engine in a motorbike. This octa core processor is able to give you the processing speed as high as 4.4 GHz making your laptop run on a virtual road very very smoothly.

Graphics – Coming to the graphics, you get a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 6GB dedicated graphics card with this laptop. Well, this is good enough to make the streaming lag free and stutter free. I think this is also one of the best in current time of gaming.

Display – Talking about display, you get 15.6 inch full HD IPS display withanti glare protection. This is 3 sided micro edge display that gives you enough amount of virtual ground to play upon. The display refresh rate can go up to 144 Hz which is great and also one of the highest. Also the brightness level can go up to 300 nits and that is sufficient to use the laptop under mild sunlight.4 zone backlit keyboardmakes it really beautiful and attractive that you will get attached to.

Memory and Storage – You get 16GB RAM with this laptop and that is good to run operating systems like Windows 10 or Windows 11 smoothly. Not only this, you will be able to play various games on the device with this much RAM. In case, you use this laptop for running multiple heavy applications together, its RAM is upgradable up to 32GB. For storage, you will have 1TB SSD type memory and this makes the overall laptop super speedy.

Operating System – You will have preloaded Windows 10 Home with the laptop with lifetime validity. This too can beupgraded to Windows 11 freeof cost whenever you want or depending upon its availability.

Cooling feature – The laptop has got a well spread ventilation system below the keyboard. This helps to keep the laptop cool under hardcore gaming. Adjustable fan switch is there to use it according to your need.

Other – The laptop comes with the buttons of graphics switcher, network booster and adjustable fan switches that you can use as per your need. This comes withmultiple external monitor connectivityoptions that enhances your gaming experience without any compromise with the performance. The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity make the data transmission super fast. Lastly, multiple USB and HDMI ports are there for high speed data transmission to external physical devices.

Verdict – You have to admit that, it is agreat gaming laptop for pro gamers. But few people did not feel good about its high price although it is a beast. So, if your budget allows to cross the boundary, you must go for this and you will love it.

3. ASUS TUF Gaming F17

asus tuf f17 best gaming laptop
ASUS TUF Gaming F17
  • 17.3 inch full HD IPS anti glare display
  • 16GB RAM upgradable up to 32GB
  • Up to 144 Hz display refresh rate
  • 12th Gen Intel Core i7 processor
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 6GB VRAM dedicated graphics card
  • 1TB SSD Storage
  • Windows 11 Home OS

If you are looking for a bigger screen gaming laptop withmilitary grade build qualitywithout any compromise with the performance, you must go for this laptop. Yes, we have the latest TUF laptop from Asus brand. This has been specially redesigned for 2022 year that is ready to do anything for you being a blistering fast device. Here are the features that we should know about it in detail…

Processor – The laptop comes with the latest 12th gen processor of Intel brand, Core i7 it is. This 14 cores (6 p-cores & 8 e-cores) processor is able to give you high processing speed up to 4.7 GHz. Well, this is probably the best under this price range.

Graphics – You will get the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 GPU making it 6GB graphics card laptop. This dedicated graphics card is ready to give you amazing visuals with dedicated MUX switch. No doubt its lag free and stutter free performance will make your gaming experience too good.

Display – Coming to the display, you will have17.3 inch full HD IPS displayin this laptop. Its screen to body ratio is around 83 percent that gives you enough screen area to play your games. The display refresh rate is impressive 144 Hz for ultra smooth and lifelike gameplay. One zone RGB keyboard makes it look more attractive and gives gaming the needed shine.

Memory and Storage – You get 16GB RAM with this Asus TUF laptop and this is enough to run Windows 11 smoothly. Now, in case for running multiple applications simultaneously you can upgrade the RAM up to 32GB whenever you want. For storage also, you get 1TB SSD type memory and that is good amount to store your data.

Operating System – Preloaded Windows 11 Home operating system comes with the laptop with lifetime validity. Also, you will have very usefulMS office Home and Studentsoftware with the purchase with lifetime validity. And an anti-virus software McAfee is also there with one year validity.

Cooling feature – The TUF gaming F17 is equipped to handle its high power CPU with a pair of 84 blade fans. New variable design gives the benefit of improving the cooling performance without extra noise.

Other – The F17 gaming laptop has been given tough body that is able to withstand even harshest conditions like accidental bumps and knocks of everyday life. Thismilitary grade tough bodymakes it a highly durable laptop.One month game passgives you ample amount of games to play with this laptop. You will have all kind of connectivity options with the laptop to connect all kind of devices. For wireless connection also,Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2are there making it a fast data transmission laptop. 720p HD camera and built-in array microphone make it a full packed all purpose usage device.

Verdict – As I said in the previous paragraph, it is afull packed and all purpose usage laptop that is latest from ASUS. So if you want highly tough build quality gaming laptop, you must go for this and enjoy the games.

4. Acer Predator Helios

predator helios best laptop 6gb graphics
Acer Predator Helios
  • 15.6 inch QHD IPS display
  • 16GB RAM upgradable up to 32GB
  • Up to 165 Hz display refresh rate
  • 11th Generation Intel Core i7 processor
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 6GB dedicated graphics card
  • 512GB SSD + 1TB HDD Storage
  • Windows 10 Home OS

Next beast we have is Predator Helios that impressed every gamer who bought it. As a gamer one must have already seen the legacy predator series from Acer brand has created. These laptop come with very powerful CPU and GPU combination with all kind of latest features that gaming laptop requires. Let us discuss everything in detail and know this latest model from the series…

Processor – To crush the competition with impressive power and speed, you get 11th Generation Intel Core i7-11800H processor. This octa core processor is ready to run most intensive games making your gaming experience magically immersive. This CPU has the processing speed limit of 4.6 GHz which is great.

Graphics – For ultimate gaming fun, the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 6GB graphics card has been installed in the laptop. No doubt, its award winning Ampere architecture is all set for smooth streaming.

Display – For great visual experience, you have 15.6 inchQHD displaywith IPS technology. The QHD technology gives you thescreen resolution of 2560*1440 pixels. With165 Hz display refresh rate, you get blazing fast and seamless experience. Its highest brightness intensity level also can go up to 300 nits and this is good enough. One more important thing, you are going to fall in love with its colorful4 zone RGB keyboardas it adds so much beauty to this gaming device.

Memory and Storage – The Helios laptop comes with 16GB RAM that is sufficient to run any application or program smoothly. This too is upgradable up to 32GB as two slots are available for RAM. For storage, 512GB SSD and 1TB HDD memory is there which is good enough to store your personal files.

Operating System – Pre-loaded Windows 10 Home operating system comes with the laptop with lifetime validity.

Cooling feature – Talking about cooling feature, this gaming laptop is equipped with 5th gen aeroblade fan having 89 blades increasing the air intake. This keep the laptop at nice, cool temperature without noise. This, for sure, helps the laptop maximize its performance.

Other – To make it full connected device online and offline both, the laptop comes with all the needed connections. WithKiller’s E2600 and Killer Wi-Fi 6,you will have all the tools giving to win the online competition. Similar way for offline, you have plethora of ports be it HDMI, MiniDP or USB.

Verdict – Overall, I would say this is a gaming laptop from Predator series of Acer. In past also, gamers got impressed by this device. This is again alatest version of the Predator serieswith all great features and you will definitely love it.

5. Lenovo Legion 5

best gaming laptop Lenovo Legion 5
Lenovo Legion 5
  • 15.6 inch QHD IPS display
  • 16GB RAM upgradable up to 32GB
  • Up to 165 Hz display refresh rate
  • 5th Gen AMD Ryzen 7 – 5800H processor
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 6GB dedicated graphics card
  • 1TB SSD Storage
  • Windows 11 Home OS

Generally gamers complain about the low battery life that a gaming laptop gives due to its processors taking high power. To remove that compromise Lenovo comes with this Legion laptop that also has all the needed features. Let us discuss the features of a gaming laptop that gives you top notch performance..

Processor – You get very powerful 5th Gen AMD Ryzen 7 – 5800H processor with the laptop that is able to handle even most demanding tasks be it gaming or any other heavy software application. The octa core processor can give you the highest processing speed of 4.4 GHz. Well, no doubt it is amazing.

Graphics – Coming to the graphics, you get the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 6GB dedicated graphics card with the laptop. This is a graphics with max TGP of 130W which is bit high but gives amazing gaming performance.

Display – Now talking about display, you have 15.6 inchQHD (2560*1440 resolution)display that comes with IPS technology for wider viewing angle. To deepen your immersion and enhance your competitive edge, you haveblistering fast refresh rate of 165 Hzwith 3 ms response time. This gaming laptop also features4 zone RGB keyboardmaking your gaming experience colorful. The brightness intensity can go up to 300 nits and this is really great giving you highly immersive experience.

Memory and Storage – For RAM, you have 16GB memory space giving you the freedom of playing heavy games without any question of hanging. This too can be upgraded to 32GB making the device future ready. For storage also, 1TB memory of SSD type is there that is more than sufficient for a gamer or general user.

Operating System – The laptop comes with preloaded Windows 11 Home having lifetime validity. Not only this,MS Office Home and Student 2021is also available free with lifetime validity with the purchase. Consequently, it saves you lot of money.

Cooling feature – To enhance the cooling of the laptop, multiple vents are there in the laptop that come with improved thermal fins. There is also the use of artificial intelligence to optimize the most demanding titles. A feature of Q control 4.0 lets you control the fan speed between different modes. Overall, a really good cooling system is there to help you cool the laptop and let you enjoy your games without any interruption.

Other – Nahimic audio drastically improves the gaming experience and makes the experience more immersive. For uninterrupted sessions, there is already a high power battery and a charger forrapid charging. Legion laptop has got all kind of ports be it a joystick, racing wheel, Bluetooth mouse or of course USB/HDMI ports. 720pcamera with privacy shutter gives you 100 percent privacy protection.

Verdict – Overall, I would say since it has got all the great features and has been loved by the gamers, you should consider this laptop. I hope this will not disappoint you at all.

6. HP Victus

HP Victus best gaming laptop with 6gb graphics card
HP Victus
  • 16.1 inch QHD IPS display
  • 16GB RAM upgradable up to 32GB
  • Up to 165 Hz display refresh rate
  • 5th Gen AMD Ryzen 7 5800H processor
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 6GB dedicated graphics card
  • 1TB SSD type Storage
  • Windows 11 Home OS

We all know HP is one of the most trusted brands in India. HP has been launching wonderful products in the past. This gaming laptop is upgraded version of previous Victus laptop by HP. I firmly believe you would get amazed by its16.1 inch big display with 165 Hz refresh rate. Let us know in detail what actually this beast is…

Processor – The Victus gaming laptop is powered by 5th Gen AMD Ryzen 7 5800H processor that is one of the latest and powerful one. This has 8 cores and 16 threads giving very high processing speed up to 4.4 GHz.

Graphics – The graphics come from NVIDIA brand, this is GeForce RTX 3060. This makes it 6GB graphics card laptop. I think there is no need to tell now how good the performance would be with this graphics.

Display – HP has given bit bigger display of16.1 inchin size than the generic gaming laptops under same price range. This too comes withQHD featuring better resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. Therefresh rate of 165 Hz, anti glare protection, low blue light, IPS technology and 300 nits brightness level make it a perfect display for a gamer or any general user for that matter.

Memory and Storage – 16GB RAM has been given with the device which is ready to run Windows 11 smoothly. This too is upgradable up to 32GB giving you the future security. 1TB SSD type storage is enough amount of memory to store your personal data.

Operating System – The latest Windows 11 Home is preloaded in the laptop as operating system with lifetime validity. Pre-installedMS Office Home & Student 2019also comes as added software with the purchase.

Cooling feature – The Victus gaming laptop is powered with a really good cooling and ventilation system. Dual fans keep the laptop at low temperature while you are doing hardcore gaming.

OtherRealtek Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 is a great combo for speedy data transfer. This enhances your capability and gives a competitive edge while gaming. For connectivity, of course there are 3 USB and 1 HDMI ports available. Dual speakers make your gaming experience more immersive and fun. HP gives special feature ofOmen gaming hubto its gamers to elevate and control your play.

Verdict – Overall, I would say this is a devicefor serious and aggressive gamers. If you want an advanced and perfect gaming device for fun, you must go for this. It would be a great deal for you.

7. Asus Rog G14

best gaming laptop 6gb graphics card
Asus Rog G14
  • 14 inch QHD IPS display
  • 16GB RAM upgradable up to 24GB
  • Up to 120 Hz display refresh rate
  • AMD Ryzen 9 5900HS Processor
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 6GB dedicated graphics
  • 1TB SSD Storage
  • Windows 10 Home OS

Now comes a fantastic gaming machine which is very powerful andlight weightas well. The laptop has gotsolid build quality, excellent internals and very powerful processor. This device is for the gamers who look for small screen size than generic ones. Well, everybody has his/her own demands. Let us dive deep into the specifications of this beast…

Processor – The laptop comes with thelatest Ryzen 9 5900HS processorof AMD brand. You read it right, this is Ryzen 9 which gives you the base processing speed of 3.1 GHz and4.5 GHz max boost speed. The processor has got 8 cores and 16 threads. No doubt you are going to get a very very powerful CPU.

Graphics – Asus ROG has got dedicated 6GB graphics card of NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060. This will empower you to do creative work and hardcore gaming with no hassle. You will enjoy very smooth gaming like slipping on butter.

Display – Coming to the display, the laptop has got14-inch size QHD displaythat comes with IPS technology. The screen resolution is2560*1440 pixels in QHD displaythat makes the pictures clearer and crisp. The screen refresh rate is up to 120 Hz which is quite good.Anti glare protectionis a very useful feature for eyes safety.

Memory and Storage – Now comes the memory part, 16GB RAM is there to handle multiple applications simultaneously and heavy games. Although this is upgradable up to 24GB but could have the limit of 32GB at least. For storage, 1TB SSD type memory is there that is sufficient in my opinion.

Operating System – As operating system Windows 10 Home is there, this comes withfree upgradation to Windows 11 Homewhenever available. These both have the lifetime validity. Added softwares MS office Home and Student 2019 with lifetime validity and McAfee Anti-Virus with 1 year validity save you more money.

Cooling System – For cooling although it has got dual fans and liquid metal cool technology, is has got complaints of heating issues. So, its up to you what features you prefer more.

Other – ItsMagnesium alloy premium chassisenhances its durability. Its Anime Matrix of mini LED lights underneath opens a big canvas of LEDs for you. It has got different working modes and accordingly runs the lights depending on mode you choose. It could be audio mode, system mode, text mode or any other. All kind of input output options are included, backlit keyboard and Wi-Fi 6 make this device a full combo.One month subscription of Xbox gaming passtakes you to an adventurous ride.

Verdict – I think I should say Asus Rog should be synonym to performance. So, if a small 14 inch screen is what you like with great performance, this would be a perfect choice for you.

Best gaming laptop with 6GB graphics card – FAQs

Q1. What is QHD ? Can you discuss QHD vs FHD?

The FHD (full HD) picture has the resolution of 1920*1080 pixels (horizontal and vertical) while QHD or quad HD has the resolution of 2560*1440 pixels. It means in QHD, the picture has come out after a combination of more pixels. This makes the picture cleared and sharper. This way you will be able to see more detailed image on your screen. This will help you while playing and gives you an added advantage.

Q2. What is TGP in GPU?

TGP (total graphics power) is the maximum amount of graphics board power that the system power should be able to provide to the graphics card. Now, the power consumed by the graphics card might be less because TGP represents the maximum value. More TGP a graphics card has, more heat it generates that needs to be dissipated. But better the graphics card is in general.

Q3. Which is the best gaming laptop with 6GB graphics card in India?

Well, I have included one of the best gaming laptops with 6GB graphics card in the list above. You can choose any of them according to your required parameters. Since all of them are top notch laptops, you do not have to worry about their performance.

Best gaming laptop with 6GB graphics card – Conclusion

Now, we come to the end of this big article best gaming laptop with 6GB graphics card. We witnessed very powerful and high performance gaming laptops that are beast in gaming field. All of these laptops are able to give you great performance whatever you throw at them. Although these are bit expensive gaming laptops but these are worth it, really. After having so much information about these great gaming laptops, we now believe that you would buy a great device of your choice. And you would bring great fun and all work usage device at your place.

We wish you the best from team Roomkit.

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