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Best mattress in India 2022

After all the tiredness and stress in our work life, we need a really good sleep or rest for our body and mind. Our body should get relaxed so that it doesn’t feel any kind of pain and our mind should also get relaxed as it gets tired after processing the information so needs relaxation. Also, spine pain or neck could also be the consequence of not choosing the best mattress in India for you, click here to know about it.

For this we need really good or probably the best mattress on our bed so that even being on it makes us feel super comfortable and super relaxed. Our sleep must be so awesome that when we wake, we must feel really fresh and energetic to do our daily activities.

But question comes how do we choose that best mattress which can give us high relaxation and comfort. You need not to worry about that as we are here for you to choose the best mattress in India from the best brands and save your valuable time. After lot of research and comparison we have made a list of wonderful mattresses that fulfill all your needs and gives you soothing experience of relaxation and comfort.

Best mattress in India – List

1. The Sleep Company SmartGRID Luxe Mattress – Check Price On Amazon

If you are looking for luxurious and plush feeling then this smart mattress is for you. The mattress gives you coziest feeling and has been designed that you will feel like sleeping on the clouds. This has been manufactured using hyper plastic material that provides ultimate comfort and pain relief. To the top of it, organic cotton cover is there to increase the breathability of the mattress. The smart grid has more than 2500 air channels to make you feel cool and does not let sweat your body in the morning specially in summer season.

The Japanese smart grid technology gives many advantages like pain relieving comfort and back support to keep your spine straight. This also gives the advantage of motion isolation that means you feel no disturbance due to other person’s movement. The smart grid also ensures that there must not be any sagging even after years making the it highly durable.

The smart luxe of the mattress provides utmost comfort by adapting to the body shape and gives relief at all pressure points for a good sleep. This is also available in different sizes and thickness.

  • SmartGRID adaptive technology for super comfort and relaxation
  • Motion isolation and no partner disturbance
  • No sweating due to smart grid with open structure
  • Soft on shoulder and hips while keeping your spine straight
  • No sagging while sleeping
  • Non toxic and hypoallergenic
The sleepy company smart grid Luxe mattress


  • Guaranteed back support
  • No sweating and germs accumulation
  • Highly durable and comfortable
  • 4 layers of material to make it more comfortable
  • 10 years warranty of mattress


  • Bit expensive
  • Heavy in weight

2. Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress – Check Price On Amazon

The people who have got enough of their previous mattress due to back pain, hurting neck or any other similar problem, this is gonna be the best mattress for them. This comes with 4 layers to provide you uniform comfort. These layers include top breathable fabric to keep the air circulation and to regulate body heat. The next Gen memory foam relieves the pressure applied on it and adapts to the shape of the body helping you sleep well. The high resilience foam offers a firm base to the mattress retaining its shape for longer period and making it highly durable.

The hypoallergenic material makes the mattress best for those with sensitive skin and having allergic tendencies. The medium firm product helps the body to unwind and the support it requires. The also gives you targeted relief so that you wake fit every morning. Obviously this comes under the best mattress in India list.

  • Medium firm mattress
  • Memory foam with breathable premium fabric cover
  • Available in 5″ 6″ and 8″ thickness and different sizes
  • Motion separation and hypoallergenic
  • Comes in affordable range
WakeFit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress


  • Helps in backache and joint pain
  • Comes with washable cover
  • Mattress can be used from both the sides
  • Comes in affordable price range
  • Comes with 10 years warranty
  • Wonderful customer service from Wakefit


  • Comes only in white color, has to be covered otherwise can get dusty easily

3. Sleepyhead 3 layered Medium Firm Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress – Check Price On Amazon

If you are looking for a best combination of right amount of firmness, bounce and softness in a mattress then this one is just right for you. This medium firm mattress is a highly supportive one having a firm base that too with a soft layer breathable foam to the top of it. The middle part of the product is filled with memory foam giving your body right level of comfort and relaxation.

This mattress comes with high density foam still compressed and packed in a box because of its 3 extremely substantial foam layers. This also comes with removable and washable outer cover to keep your it clean and dust free.

  • Memory foam medium firm mattress
  • Premium quality washable cover
  • Comes in affordable range
  • Ease the pressure points of the body
  • Evenly distributed weight
Best Mattress
Sleepyhead 3 layered medium firm orthopedic memory foam mattress


  • Orthopedic support to keep your body fit
  • 3 layered mattress giving high level comfort
  • No motion transfer from one side to the other


  • Only white color cover, needs regular wash

4. SleepX Ortho Memory Foam Mattress – Check Price On Amazon

Back pain problem has become very common nowadays. As we grow older, our back and neck pain starts giving us bit irritation. One of the main cause of this could be the wrong mattress that you are using in your bed. Yes, you read it right even this problem can occur to youngsters as well. So, you need a mattress that supports your back and other body parts along with that gives you comfort and relaxation to the whole body.

This Sleepwell product has been specially engineered for that. To adjust according to your sleeping position and provide support on the pressure points. This adjusts according to your spine so that it could be given required support and comfort.

The has 80 mm thick flexi pu high density foam for better back support and relief. For extra comfort, a thick top 15 mm memory foam layer with 8 mm PU foam has been added to it.

  • Memory foam orthopedic mattress
  • Neem Fresche technology for germ protection, skin allergies
  • Next Gen memory foam for enhanced firmness
  • High density foam in the core
  • Ideal for spinal support and comfort
  • Available in 5″, 6″ and 8″
  • 5 years warranty
SleepX Orhto
SleepX Orhto Memory Foam Mattress


  • Wonderful mattress to support back and spine
  • 3 layered mattress with top 8mm PU foam giving extra comfort
  • Provides relief from body pain and back pain
  • Airmesh fabric on side walls for better air circulation


  • Only 5 years warranty

5. Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress – Hard & Soft – Check Price On Amazon

If you want advantage of both firmness and softness in a mattress then this one is best mattress for you. Wakefit has come up with an innovative product that gives you both types of comfort with their dual comfort mattress. One side of the product is medium firm for people who want firm support while the other side is medium soft for those who look for soft comfort. Another advantage of dual sided is that it can be reversed in different season. Soft side would be good for summers and medium firm side works best for winters.

The ergonomic mattress provides adequate support to your neck and back for any side you choose. The also comes with 3 layers to provide extra level of comfort and convenience. Top layer is high quality GSM spun knitted breathable fabric cover for better air circulation and to regulate body heat.

The pressure zone layer gives your body targeted support and spinal alignment for luxurious comfort. The high resilience foam has been designed to provide you sufficient firmness.

  • Medium firm and medium soft dual sided mattress
  • Can be reversed according to comfort desire
  • Can be reversed according to weather change
  • 3 layers for luxurious comfort
  • Hypoallergenic for germ protection and skin allergy
  • No motion transfer from one side to the other
  • 7 years warranty
Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress – Hard & Soft


  • Wonderful product at affordable price
  • Dual sided mattress
  • Durable mattress lasts for years
  • Available in 5″ and 6″ thickness


  • Need to reverse as weather changes
  • Non removable cover

6. SleepyCat Plus Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam Mattress – Check Price On Amazon

If you are a person who loves plushness and a balanced support during sleep, this is the right product for you. Also if you are a side or stomach sleeper, this is gonna be your favorite base to sleep. Its 2 inch gel memory foam comfort layer offers heavenly support and pressure relieving sleep. The open cell structure allows air to escape so that sweating doesn’t happen.

The 6 inch HD foam base ensures smooth transition and even distribution of weight and maintains a firm and sturdy base to the mattress. The gel memory foam also relieves pressure and maintains a neutral spine position for a relaxed sleep. The top perforated visco- knit fabric allows uniform air circulation and and the woven polyester base makes the mattress durable.

This also comes with 2-way split zipper cover to keep it clean and dust free, giving sufficient reasons to include it under the best mattress in India list.

  • Medium soft orthopedic memory foam mattress
  • Premium high density foam base
  • 2 inch top layer for plush feel and full support
  • Washable 2 part smart zipper cover
  • Zero partner disturbance
  • 10 years warranty
SleepyCat Orthopedic
SleepyCat Plus Orthopedic Gel Memory Foam Mattress


  • 6 inch high density foam for high durability and strength
  • Perfect for those who love lavish and balanced support sleep
  • Good for side and belly sleepers also
  • 8 inch thickness for better comfort and relaxation
  • Available in single, double, king and queen size


  • Bit expensive
  • Comes only in 8 inch thickness

7. Duroflex Back Magic Orthopedic high density Coir Firm Mattress – Check Price On Amazon

A number of people specially older ones generally suffer from back pain and their mattress could be one of the reasons of that. This Duroflex product has been designed specially for that, to relieve from back pain. This is a 5 zoned exclusive support mattress, specially recommended by best known doctors of National Health Academy (NHA).

Different zones cover your head and neck, shoulder and upper back, lower back and hips, upper leg and knee & lower neck and ankle. That means it covers your whole body to give you advanced back support. This extra firm and naturally cooling coir also allows air flow and imparting freshness and hygiene. So that you don’t feel sweating and enjoy break free night that too with complete freshness.

There is also high density foam layer which provides better reinforcement and consequently increasing the durability of the mattress.

  • Extra firm Orthopedic mattress
  • 5 zoned orthopedic support layer
  • High density coir making it firm
  • Good air circulation keeping it cool
  • Comes with 7 years warranty
Orthopedic Mattress
Duroflex Back Magic Orthopedic Firm Mattress


  • Doctors recommended orthopedic mattress
  • 5 zoned exclusive support
  • Good air circulation keeping it cool
  • Available in different sizes
  • Improves posture alignment


  • Some people may not like extra firm mattress

8. Repose Eyelidz 5-inch Single Size Latex Mattress – Check Price On Amazon

For very peaceful and sound sleep, Repose mattress would be the best choice for you. Although this is bit expensive but this gives you beautiful feeling of luxury and highly relaxed sleep. Generally latex mattresses are expensive but are highly durable and worth the money invested. There are many benefits of natural latex also like giving you enough back support and cooling effect, are anti-bacterial and these are 100 percent natural as no chemical is used to manufacture them.

The mattress material is breathable material promoting continuous air flow to give you pleasant sleeping time. The specialty of the material is that its fiber can control climatic moisture making your sleep wonderfully awesome.

Generally these mattresses are used in hotel rooms to make the customer experience better but one can also use it on single bed and experience the beauty of great sleep on it.

  • Environment friendly Latex Mattress
  • 100 percent natural, no chemical used
  • Great back support and air circulation
  • Highly durable and good body support
  • 3 layered inner latex foam with knitted fabric quilt upper and bottom layer
  • Comes with 5 years warranty
Repose Single Size Latex Mattress


  • Great comfort with good back support
  • 100 percent natural and environment friendly material
  • Good air circulation for cooling effect
  • Anti bacterial material with no chemical used


  • Bit expensive but worth the money
  • Comes only in few number of sizes

9. Wake-Up Medium Firm Single Size Pocket Spring Mattress – Check Price On Amazon

For most people there must be a balance of firmness and softness in the mattress. Then they will be able to enjoy comfortable sleep without compromising with the health. This is exactly the same as it is made of pocket spring and high resilience foam. The best feature is that it allows blood and much needed oxygen to flow more efficiently through the body.

The pocket springs in the mattress has been made by tungsten carbide making the highly durable. These springs have been covered by felt from both the sides. The top cotton knitted fabric with quilted foam gives soft feeling for wonderful sleep. Apart from these, this also has zero partner disturbance quality so that you get break free sleep even if the partner moves on the other side.

This is also used in 5 star hotels to give luxurious experience to their customers.

  • Medium Firm Spring Mattress
  • A balance of comfort and firmness
  • Available in 6″, 8″ and 10 inch thickness
  • Zero partner disturbance
  • Tungsten Carbide springs for higher durability
  • Comes with 10 years warranty
Spring Mattress
Wake Up Medium Firm Single Size Pocket Spring Mattress


  • A balanced mattress for comfort and health
  • Relieves the pressure points for better blood circulation
  • Even used in 5 star hotels
  • Highly durable


  • Not found any yet

Best mattress in India – Buying Guide

There are many options available in market to choose from when it comes to mattress. So, you will have to do a lot of research before making a final decision. This will take a hell lot of time to understand what you really need in your particular mattress. Because options are huge in number and there are several kind of mattresses that are available and you have to choose according to your particular requirement.

Don’t worry we are here for you and we have invested our time on your behalf to make a wise decision. The knowledge in the following section will make you so aware about the mattresses that you will definitely choose the best one for you.

But before that you must know different kind of mattresses that come in the market, their properties and for what kind of people they are suitable. So, let’s get started…

Spring mattress

As the name suggests springs or coils are used in these mattresses in the inner layer while the outer layer is of foam. The metal springs in the core give the bounce effect as one sits or lies on it. These are generally more stable due to their net of springs in the core. This way it gives proper support and medium comfort from all the corners.

These come in affordable price range but one drawback is they do not offer motion isolation and you feel sweating because of lack of air circulation.

Memory Foam mattress

Memory foam mattresses have the ability to absorb sudden impact and to be soft on the body. This mattress adjusts its shape according to your body type and the pressure applied. But one the pressure is released, it regains its shape back. Basically it remembers the body shape and that’s why the name “Memory Foam Mattress”.

Since it remembers all the pressure points, this helps in relieving body pain and enhance required blood circulation. The best part is there no motion transfer from one corner to the other, one can sleep without any disturbance whole night. But it is not suitable for people who are more prone to sweating.

Latex mattress

If you don not like the compression of the mattress after applying the pressure, Latex mattress is a good choice for you. These do not compress still provide sufficient bounce effect with stability. You also find enough air circulation in the mattress, there will no chance of sweating and you get a really wonderful, calm and soothing sleep.

These mattresses are also highly durable but are very expensive. These are generally found in hotel rooms.

Coir mattress

These mattresses are made of coconut coir and consequently are firm and stable. There is also no motion transfer due to firm base and are very budget friendly providing you enough comfort at affordable price. But these mattresses start sagging after few years and that’s a big drawback.

Hybrid mattress

This is basically a combination of spring and foam layers removing their individual drawbacks. These are manufactured with pocketed type springs that helps in motion isolation. These are also breathable and doesn’t let your body sweat keeping your body cool. These provide enough support and bounciness giving optimum comfort. Multi layers of different materials make them bit expensive.

Mattress Size and Thickness

After choosing the right kind of mattress material, you need to decide the right size so that it must be a perfect fit for you. Mattresses generally come in few standard sizes that we can discuss as below

  1. Single Size Mattress – This size is generally suitable for a single person or a child as this doesn’t have enough space to toss or turn during sleep if you have large body. Its dimensions vary from 72*36 inches to 75*36 inches.
  2. Double Size Mattress – This is ideal for two average sized adults. Its dimension fall in the range of 72*48 inches to 72*60 inches.
  3. Queen Size Mattress – If you are two adults having one child, this is gonna be ideal choice for you. It dimensions vary from 72*60 inches to 78*60 inches.
  4. King Size Mattress – The ideal size for two adults and two kids having dimensions 72*72 to 78*72 inches.

Thickness – Other than above two dimensions, thickness should also be considered. Thickness also decides the comfort and durability of the mattress. If one of the sleepers weighs more than 80 Kg then you need a mattress thickness of 8 inches. If all the sleepers weigh less than 80 Kg but more than 60 (even if one sleeper), mattress of 6 inch thickness would be good for you. If none of the sleeper weigh more than 60 Kg, 5 inch thick mattress would be sufficient for you.

After clearly understanding the different mattresses and its sizes, the main question comes that is

How to pick the best mattress in India for you?

This depends on many factors that we are going to look at now.

Type of sleeper – Depending on the type of sleeper you are and your sleeping pattern, you should select the mattress.

1. Side Sleeper – Side sleepers put the weight on one side enhancing the risk of body ache. So, you need a mattress that supports your hips and shoulders in their natural structure. Hence a medium soft memory foam mattress would be good for you. The mattress must not be either too soft or too firm as both are not suitable for your body in side sleeping.

2. Back Sleeper – Back sleepers should go for soft to medium firm mattress depending on your weight. High firm mattress may cause pain to your back. In case of back pain, you must go for orthopedic mattress. The sweating also may occur to you for that, you should choose the breathable mattress having good air circulation.

3. Combination sleeper – If you are a kind of sleeper who keeps changing their sleep position like sometimes side sleeping and sometimes back sleeping, you need a mattress that gives proper back support. The mattress should be adjusted with your body shape so that there must not be pain in your back or joints. The mattress should also be firm enough for the necessary support and not more than needed otherwise might cause body pain.

4. Couple – Due to the bounciness, memory foam mattress and latex mattresses are considered the best for couple.

5. Back pain sleeper – Orthopedic mattress would be the best for back pain sleepers. As they give proper support and adjusts according to your body alignment. The mattress also must not be too soft sinking your body as it may cause pain. The preferable mattresses are memory foam and latex.

6. Neck pain sleeper – In case you feel neck pain while sleeping or due to your current mattress, it would be better to go for foam or hybrid mattress. They give the needed support to your neck as they have medium firmness.

7. Kids – Since natural chemicals are used for their manufacturing, Latex mattresses are not harmful for kids. Hence they are the best for children.

Warranty & Trial period

As you are our valuable readers, you make us what we are, we ensure that you get the best kind of services. Coming to mattresses, these are offered with warranty and trial period generally. Generally mattresses come with a warranty of minimum 2 years to 10 years. The best part is brands also offer trial period from one month to 100 days to make a better decision for you after having the experience of the mattress. Otherwise you can just return the mattress without any questioning.

Maintenance and durability

In our list we have included the mattresses which require low maintenance and cleaning. Also if you have a good mattress cover, you will not need frequent cleaning. The mattress in the list are also highly durable.

Best mattress in India – Conclusion

In Best mattress in India article, we hope that you have got the knowledge and tips to make a wise decision of buying the best mattress in India “for you”. Because there is no any mattress which suits everybody and that’s why one cannot be called the best mattress. It all depends on your requirements and some factors like what kind of material you like in your mattress, what size you need, how much thickness you want and how much bounciness and firmness and warranty plus durability. This is how you go for it.

Although we have given almost all the information needed and educated you enough for a good decision still you must read all the terms and conditions before choosing the best one for you. And then you should bring the comfortableness in your home and have soothing and deep sleep. Have a wonderful sleep!

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