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Best OTG Ovens in India 2022

Looking to buy an oven for your home ? Welcome to RoomKit, you will get all the needed information and best suggestions here. Oven is a wonderful machine that is used for baking and cooking purpose. There come two types of ovens in the market OTG and microwave oven. OTG (Oven Toaster Grill) has multiple uses like toasting, baking, grilling or heating. You can use this for baking your chocolate cake and for cooking items like pizza or sandwich also. Basically its a one stop solution for multiple things. In this article as you read, you will get thebest OTG ovens in Indiarecommendations.

Since OTG ovens are light weight, have multiple uses and come in affordable price range, they are the best choice for your home. They can also be an awesome and very useful gift item if you want to offer your close ones. So, you canbuy one through the links to Amazon and bring smile on the face of your loved ones.

Best OTG Ovens in India – Quick Buying Guide

  • Capacity – First and the most important thing you should look in oven is the capacity it has. If you have a small to medium family of 3-6 members, you can go for an OTG of 15-25 liters. For large family, one can go for OTG of higher capacity. In case you like to bake big cakes or heat large meals, you should go for high capacity OTG oven.
  • Power consumption – An OTG oven or any electric device for that matter must be as energy efficient as possible. Generally OTG ovens are more energy efficient than microwave ovens. Still you must look for low power consuming oven as this will save electricity and reduce your bill consequently.
  • Warranty – Generally ovens come with warranty period of 1 to 3 years. It may also depend on the brand you are choosing. As good brands manufacture products with high warranty and also their after sale service is good. You must opt for a product from a good brand.
  • Cost – We have chosen the best quality OTG ovens that too with affordable price. If there are some additional features price may increase but it would be at the lowest price range that we have chosen in comparison to the other oven having similar features.
  • Design and Weight – Although OTG ovens are already lighter in weight than microwave ovens, it should be easily portable also. Coming to design, it must be occupy less space in your kitchen and should be easily adjustable in the corners.
  • Additional Features – OTG ovens also come with advanced features like automatic time calculation, auto cooking programs, digital display etc. But the price may increase with more number of added features.

Best OTG ovens in India – List

1. Philips 25 Litres Digital Oven Toaster – Check Price On Amazon

Philips as a brand needs no introduction because of the high quality products they launch. Same way they have launched this wonderful one of the best OTG ovens in India. This is a very useful oven in case you are a bachelor as now you don’t have to know too much about cooking. Just simply put the you food item in the OTG and set this at one of the names given in the dish lists. It will automatically set the temperature and time and you will have your favorite meal ready.

The oven is having 10 preset modes for cooking. For that you just have to select one and automatically it will cook, bake, toast, grill or roast accordingly. The given digital display helps you to do that.

With chamber light also, you can clearly see browning of cake through transparent glass.

Philips HD6975/00 25 Litre Digital OTG
  • 25 litre capacity 6.38 Kg weight
  • 2 years warranty
  • 1500 Watt power consumption rate
  • Opti temperature technology for uniform heating
  • Preheat modes for some Indian dishes
  • Digital display panel and chamber light


  • Uniform heating
  • Great quality of cooking
  • Preset modes for some Indian dishes
  • Multiple accessories like tray and tongs
  • Recipe book for more help


  • Baking tray could be better but does the work
  • Handle gets hot while heating

2. AGARO GRAND 30L Convection cake baking OTG – Check Price On Amazon

Agaro is an Indian brand that manufactures home kitchen appliances and lifestyle products. The brand has proved itself to be in the competition of big brands like Philips. This OTG has also got good customer ratings and proved to be in the best OTG ovens in India list. The convection allows much faster heating having 6 modes of heating with different orientations.

The motorized rotisserie gives circular motion to the chicken, kebab or chap so that you get delicious mouth watering roasted meal. Heating rods can be selected by function knob for baking, grilling or roasting. The temperature and timer knob are also given that can be adjusted according to your need.

This also comes in multiple capacity of 21 L, 30 L and 40 L suiting different family sizes.

AGARO Grand Convection OTG with 6 heating mode
  • 30 Litre capacity and 7.82 Kg weight
  • 1 year warranty
  • 6 heating modes
  • Convection heating
  • Multiple accessories including motorized rotisserie
  • Chamber light and tempered glass door


  • Motorized rotisserie for roasted chicken or kebab
  • Available in multiple capacity
  • Comparatively affordable
  • Convection gives more uniform heating


  • Poor after sale service, so better you check service review in your area

3. Morphy Richards 40 RCSS Stainless Steel OTG – Check Price On Amazon

When it comes to kitchen appliances like toasters, bread makers or kettles Morphy Richards is considered one of the best brands in the world. Because they have specialization in this product category. The stainless steel body of this OTG helps to keep the food warm even after switching it off. This also has high capacity of 40 Litre which is very good at this price range and superb quality.

The convection heating and high power cooks the food in comparatively much less time. The amazing mirror finish reflective door adds beauty to your kitchen. The accessories like rotisserie tong helps to make cooking an easy task that can be watched through mirror.

This is also available in 52 and 60 Litre for large families.

Morphy Richards 40 Litre Stainless Steel OTG Oven
  • 40 Litre capacity and 13.8 Kg weight
  • 2000 Watt power & 2 years warranty
  • Stainless steel body
  • Convection heating
  • Keeps the food warm at set temperature without power
  • Multiple accessories for different purposes


  • Stainless Steel body
  • Great for single person
  • Timer stops overcooking
  • Keeps food warm without power
  • Multiple accessories


  • Bit heavier as made of Stainless Steel
  • Although a good quality product but expensive

4. Bajaj Majesty 1603 TSS 16L OTG with Power Coated Stainless Steel body – Check Price On Amazon

Bajaj Group needs no introduction in India(specially) as the have touched many things from auto vehicles to steel and finance. Same way home appliances could also not remain untouched under the company Bajaj Electricals Ltd delivering high quality products for decades.

Coming to this OTG, if you are a person looking for an affordable OTG oven for 1-2 members, this one is best for you. This is having 16 L capacity with a cool touch handle that is helpful even if oven is hot. Stainless steel body makes it long lasting as it is rust free material. The timer in the oven also alerts you when cooking is complete.

Bajaj Majesty 1603 TSS 16 L OTG
  • 16 L capacity and 4.89 Kg
  • 1200 Watt power consumption
  • Cool touch handle
  • Multiple accessories for different processes
  • Coated Stainless body to save from rusting
  • Timer with auto shut off


  • Best for single person or couple
  • Touch Cool handle solved a big problem
  • Long lasting stainless steel body
  • Easily portable due to light weight


  • Gets heated, needs to be handled with care and keep away from children

5. Wonderchef OTG with auto shut off – Check Price On Amazon

Wonderchef is an Indian leading company in cookware and kitchen appliances founded by famous Indian Chef Sanjeev Kapoor and Entrepreneur Ravi Saxena. The company makes world class products following global trends with the best quality. This OTG has also been made keeping that in mind. The OTG has compact design making it look classy and built with long lasting metal.

This OTG use convection heating for evenness all around the item. This comes with 4 knobs, one extra for heat direction. It also has heat resistant glass and auto shut off feature that switch it off after completion of cooking.

The best thing is it comes in multiple colors and sizes that can suit to anybody.

Wonderchef 32 Litre OTG Oven
  • 32 Litre capacity and 7.52 Kg weight
  • Convection heating
  • 4 knobs for better cooking
  • Classy design
  • Easy cleaning


  • Affordable and have all good features
  • Classy look
  • Available in multiple colors and designs
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance


  • Nothing extra but good in this price range

6. Borosil Pro 42 L OTG Convection heating with 6 heating modes, Chrome – Check Price On Amazon

Borosil is also an Indian brand based in Mumbai. This is one of the leading companies in microwavable kitchen ware, no doubt making one of the best OTG oven in India. This 42 litre convection oven is suitable for medium family of 4-6 members. This is a multi tasker having 6 cooking modes. The OTG also comes with illuminated chamber and robust stay cool handle.

The best thing about this OTG is cooking with efficiency. It cooks food faster at lower temperature saving energy. Multiple accessories have given to cook different kind of meals. Double glass door prevents heat from going outside.

The availability in multiple sizes makes it suitable for every family.

Borosil Pro 42 L OTG oven
  • 42 L capacity and 9.1 Kg weight
  • 2000 Watt power consumption
  • 2 years warranty
  • Multi purpose oven
  • Convection heating
  • Energy efficient cooking
  • Illuminated chamber and robust cool handle


  • Energy efficient cooking
  • Made by Indian leading brand
  • Uniform and convection heating
  • Made of alloy steel for high durability
  • Double glass door for better safety


  • Nothing as such

7. AGARO Marvel 38 L OTG with 3 heating mode – Check Price On Amazon

Again we have added another product of popular oven brand AGARO as this produces one of the best OTG ovens in India. This is Marvel model of AGARO having awesome features. Convection method gives uniform heating to the meal. The tempered glass also helps to keep the inside heated for efficient cooking. The oven has been made of alloy steel for long lasting performance.

There are 3 heating modes top heating, bottom heating and top & bottom heating for energy efficient cooking. You can use any of them depending on the type of meal cooked. The power consumption is also less at this capacity. The motorized rotisserie helps to cook lip smacking grills as it gives circular motion to the meat for even heating.

This comes in multiple capacities for different family size.

AGARO Marvel 36 L Convection OTG
  • 36 Litre capacity and 9.36 Kg weight
  • 1600 Watt power consumption
  • 1 year warranty
  • Convection heating
  • 4 knobs for better cooking
  • 3 modes for energy efficient cooking
  • Multiple accessories


  • Tempered glass door for energy efficient cooking
  • 3 heating modes for energy efficient cooking
  • Comes in multiple capacities for different family sizes
  • Cooking completion alert


  • Got complaints of not reaching high temperature but the OTG got replaced or returned

8. Inalsa Master Chef 24RSS OTG 24L with Stainless Steel Finish – Check Price On Amazon

This Inalsa device is also one of the best OTG ovens in India as it is having a number of features that one needs in an OTG. Although this consumes more power but heats up in no time and cooks your favorite meals in comparatively less time. The interior space is enough to make 9″ pizza and a variety of snacks and dishes. Highly efficient heating elements are also placed on the top and bottom for even heating, reheating and cooking.

The see through glass is also there for you to enjoy seeing the baking process. The compact design with Stainless Steel exterior makes it look beautiful. Although glass door is there, you can also set the timer for you specific meal. This is also available in multiple capacities and accessories.

Inalsa Master Chef 24 Litre OTG
  • 24 Litre capacity and 5.4 Kg weight
  • 1600 Watt power consumption
  • 2 years warranty
  • Takes less time in cooking
  • Stainless Steel exterior design
  • Comes with multiple accessories
  • Available in multiple capacities for different family sizes


  • Takes less time for cooking processes
  • Stainless Steel exterior design
  • Enough space for cooking multiple meals together
  • 6 stage heat selection


  • More power consumption for similar OTG but takes less time

9. iBELL EO300G OTG 30 L with 6 heating modes – Check Price On Amazon

This OTG is also good enough is be considered one of the best OTG ovens in India. If you are family of 4-5 members and looking for an affordable OTG oven, this one is going to be the best. This comes with all the basic features having high capacity and that too in affordable price range. Also, this is highly energy efficient saving your electricity bill.

The illuminated chamber makes it look beautiful either you can watch the food cooking or set the timer. The accessories make it easy to cook different kind of dishes. Six heating modes have been given to make cooking more convenient.

  • 30 L capacity, light weight
  • 1600 W power consumption
  • 2 years warranty
  • 6 heating modes
  • Multiple accessories
  • 60 minutes timer


  • Affordable in this capacity
  • Comes with multiple accessories
  • Energy efficient
  • 2 years warranty


  • Nothing, as it is too good in this price range

Best OTG ovens in India – FAQs

Q1. Is it safe to buy oven online?

Yes, It is absolutely fine to buy oven online from trusted brands like Amazon. Just read replace/return policy of the oven selected before buying. Also, read what is covered in the warranty. Then you can claim the warranty anytime showing the invoice and warranty slip. Not only this, sometimes you get the best deals online on Amazon.

Q2. Is cooking in OTG good for health?

Yes, as it uses metal coils and convection method for cooking, there is no harm in cooking using OTG oven. While in case of microwave oven, microwaves are used for cooking which can be absorbed by the food.

Q3. Can OTG oven be used to warm food?

Yes, it can be. But it would be a slower process as compared to microwave oven or conventional gas stoves.

Q4. How should I cook in OTG if I am a beginner?

There is recipe book given by the brand with every OTG. There is method to cook any kind of meal you want using the accessories and function knob. You will easily learn everything within few days.

The Conclusion

In our busy lives nowadays, home and kitchen appliances have become our basic needs and OTG is one of them. As it cooks many wonderful dishes also that you watch online from your favorite chefs, you can learn them to make at home. Also prepare the ingredients, keep it in the OTG with required accessory and set the timer, your food will be cooked automatically. This simple cooking becomes using OTG specially for hard to cook dishes.

That said, we have invested enough time and done lot of research to recommend you the best OTG ovens in India. Not only this, we have given enough information to educate you about OTG and to make a wise decision. We firmly believe, you will bring the best OTG oven for your home and love it.

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