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Gaming Laptop Buying Guide

To make a wise decision while buying a gaming laptop, we have given enough amount of knowledge in this article of gaming laptop buying guide. We hope this will help you to educate about gaming laptops. And you will buy your best gaming laptop that suits you the most.

Processor – The other name of processor is CPU(Central Processing Unit). This is basically the brain of the computer. The processing speed of the running applications, multitasking and battery life depends on it. So, always you must choose a powerful processor. Nowadays powerful processors of Intel and AMD brands are available. Core i7, Core i5 are good choices if you are looking for Intel processor. And Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7 should be your choices if you wanna go for AMD. You must not go below these and choose a latest version(gen) in gaming laptops. Because this is the one which would run the gaming application.

Graphics – This is also called GPU(Graphics Processing Unit). To play high quality video games you need dedicated and best available graphics cards because better the video quality more immersive feeling and enthusiasm you will get. Nowadays really good graphics card of Nvidia are available in gaming laptops. Generally these come under latest GeForce series. Latest graphics are GeForce RTX 3080, RTX 3070 and RTX 3060. Also GeForce GTX like 1650 and 1650Ti of GTX series are some of the best for gaming laptops. To know more about GTX and RTX, you can click here.

gaming laptop buying guide

Display – The gaming laptop display should be big enough to really enjoy high quality games. 15.6 inch is very good size for that otherwise you may go for 14 inch display if you like small laptops. But you must not go below that. Now, full HD display of IPS technology must be a good choice. A thin bezel display gives you more screen to body ratio and minimum 80% is good enough. The screen should also be anti-glare for protection from harmful rays. Also, the display should have sufficient brightness to glow the real colors. At last, a backlit keyboard gives the display added attraction.

RAM and Storage – See, RAM is the memory that manage all the background applications and tasks so it should be enough to run all of them simultaneously. Gnereally 8GB memory should be sufficient for a gaming laptop otherwise more would be better. And buy a laptop in which RAM can be expandable up to 16GB at least because of the demand of future applications and updates. Now SSD storage memory enhances the boost and response time of the laptop, it must be at least 256GB in a gaming laptop. 512GB SSD gaming laptop would be a really good choice and HDD would be an added advantage.

Heat dissipating ability – Since a gaming laptop runs heavy applications, it becomes very important to have good cooling ability in that. Generally people ignore this parameter while buying a laptop but it is an important one.

Other – Other parameters you may look in a laptop are battery life(the more, the better), connectivity ports(USB and HDMI) and sound quality.

Although there might be few more things to be added but we have included only some of the important specifications only. We will keep updating our gaming laptop buying guide from time to time according to need.

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