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How Much Storage do I need for gaming?

Whenever you want to buy a gaming PC or gaming laptop, this question must have definitely triggered in your mind. That how much storage would be good or sufficient for my gaming computer. Whether 512 GB storage would be sufficient or even 1 TB would be less for gaming?Should it be SSD type storage or HDD type, what works best in a gaming PC or in gaming laptop for that matter. Does a combination of HDD and SSD will work for me while gaming?

Well, as a serious and aware buyer these questions must have come to your mind. Even in case you already have a gaming PC and you want to upgrade its internal storage or buy an new external storage. How much will be right for you, everything we are going to discuss today in this article.

Let us begin..

How much storage do I need for gaming?

Well, first thing I want to say that whatever game you are playing on your computer, it should not have any issue while playing. It should run smoothly without any stutter and with good speed to showcase full potential of the graphics card. At least this much storage you should have in your gaming PC.

Not only this, you also need to store a number of files other than games like movies, your personal documents, other different multiple software that you might need. You might also need video editing in case you are a social influencer, video creator or streamer. For that too, you need some space to download that editing software and you will need storage for that. In case you are a programmer, you may need to have a compiler software in your laptop to test the programs.

Last but not the least, to run the operating system also you will need storage to keep the files. And some space must always be left free (at least 100GB) to keep any file that might come your way anytime.

See, it is bit difficult to answer this question how much space you will need for gaming. So I am dividing this into different categories of type of gamers. Accordingly, I would recommend the needed storage for gaming in your laptop or PC.

How much storage do standard games need?

As gaming has become a big thing today, there are number of games that are being launched everyday. Not only this, they are being updated on regular basis. And typically a modern AAA title game takes from minimum 25GB to 50GB space in your computer. So, if you have 5 games in your storage for example, it will take at least 125GB and can take up to 250GB or more. This depends on the game that you are going to download. So, it will not be a good decision to go below 500 GB storage. In case you are buying a gaming PC or gaming laptop make sure that, it has the option to upgrade to more storage in future. Generally storage up-gradation up to 2TB comes in gaming computers.

For a newbie or casual gamer

If you are a new player or a beginner in the gaming world, 500GB storage will be sufficient for you as a start. Because in the beginning, you want to reach to advanced level from zero in few 7-8 games. So, in my opinion 500GB storage will be enough for you. Also if you are a casual gamer who is having budget restriction, 500GB will be good. Because you can enjoy the experience of few 7-8 games as of now and go for the upgradation in future. By chance you get bored of a game, just delete it and download a new one. In the beginning, this will be a good way out.

For mid level gamers

If you have already tasted multiple games and started to enjoy the gaming experience then it is time to upgrade yourself to the next level. Since only a few games might not interest you, you need variety and enhancement of skills. Because your love for gaming is growing day by day. In that case 1TB storage would be sufficient to keep bit heavier games in your laptop or PC. So, either you can go for new external drive or you can go for upgradation of your computer drive.

For hardcore gamers

Now come our high level players who are hard core gamers. To you people, simple games might not work as you would have got bored of them already. As you have advanced level gaming skills, you want to show them to the world or play in tournaments. For that you may need video editing or running streaming platform simultaneously. So, for you, going for less than 2TB would be a very bad decision. My recommendation would be to go for at least 2TB and in case money is not a problem for you, you might also go up to 3TB. But more than that would be waste of money.

HDD VS SSD, which one is for me?

Well, if you are new to gaming, you might have bit less knowledge about HDD and SSD. But to make it easier I will put the differences between the two in table format. Here we go…

storage needed for gaming

From the table above you must have got the idea about HDD and SSD. Now as a gamer to take the full advantage of graphics card, you should go for SSD. I believe you must have got this as we discussed the differences.

Also for a gamer, in case you already have hard disk or you want an affordable solution. You can also go for hybrid solution, basically a combination of HDD and SSD. For example, you have 1TB storage drive in your laptop then you can go for 256GB or 512GB SSD type storage external. This will help you store the games and run them smoothly at a very good speed. And lastly if budget is not an issue, better you go for pure SSD to enjoy the adventurous of gaming world.


Now, we come to the end of this long article and we have seen multiple things of storage drives. I believe you are now well aware about what kind of decision you should take. Depending upon what kind of gamer you are and also depending on your budget, now you will take a good decision. So, in the end I will just say that in case you have any other question or doubt/query, Please ask in the comment section. I will reply as soon as possible.

A big thanks for being with us till the end and we wish you the best from Roomkit.

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