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Top 10 Best exercise cycle for your home

In today’s time we all have become super busy in earning our living. Most of us want to give comfort and convenience to ourselves using that hard earned money. But we must also keep in mind that more comfort or less physical work can have negative impact on our body. Our body needs right amount of physical work, this is its requirement. Now, the problems comes how to manage our office work and physical activities together within 24 hours. For that we need physical activities which will impact our body in much superior way. That’s why we go to gym for exercises or yoga. Because these things create big and positive impact with less time on our body keeping us fit and healthy. Now, exercise cycle is also other option and very helpful to do that. This machines is helpful for making our muscles strong, keeping legs powerful and reducing fat. There are multiple great benefits of an exercise bike.

Since there is a research that needs to be done before buying the right product, it can take hell lot of time. This is the reason, we are here for you, to save your time and efforts. We have done a lot of research and comparison after spending hours and days to make this list of best exercise cycle for your home.

In this article, we have included one of the best exercise bikes and given their detailed review to make a right decision for you. You will also get the buying guide and some insight knowledge to keep your body fit. .

Best exercise cycle for your home : Reviews

We have prepared the list by choosing the best out of the best products that we had found. Not only this, we invested hell lot of work to find the right kind of products that no one would regret even if bought mistakenly. So, without any more delay let us jump to those best exercise cycles

1. Fitkit FK717 Spinner Exercise Bike with free live installation and and connected live integrative sessions – Check Price On Amazon

Well, in my opinion any activity must be fun be it physical or mental. This machine gives you that kind of privilege. Fitwarz combines the fun of video games with serious physical workout that helps you achieve your fitness goal. The sturdiness and built quality make it a perfect choice for a completing your fitness goal. Good riding and seating comfort is a need for long and daily duration of workout. The digital screen is good to show you time, speed, pulse rate and the calories you have burnt while working out.

To make your workout more interactive and engaging, onefitplus app gives you live streaming training sessions to get the opportunity to get trained with athletes while being at your home. Also to make the exercise fun, Fitwarz offers you to workout while playing fitness video games like that of cycle racing. You get the one year subscription of onefitplus for free with the purchase of Fitkit exercise bike.

Overall I would say if you are looking for fun while working out and to have more engaged and interactive workout, you must go for this.

Fitkit Spinner exercise bike
  • Belt drive system
  • 120 Kg maximum user weight
  • 14 lbs (approx 6.35 Kg) flywheel
  • Made of Alloy Steel
  • Firm and sturdy (24 Kg machine weight)
  • One year free subscription of Onefitplus
  • Workout with fun video games
  • LCD display for speed, time, pulse rate and calories burnt


  • Free installation from the company
  • One year training free subscription at this price is very good
  • Complementary diet consultation
  • Value for money product


  • Nothing as such

2. Cockatoo Premium Range cub Series Smart Exercise Bike – Check Price On Amazon

If you have space constraint in your home and also looking for an exercise cycle which can be moved easily from one place to another easily after workout, this is the right one is for you. This comes with adjustable seat and handlebar which can be adjusted at a certain height according to your need. The machine also comes with base wheels which make it to move from one place to another in the house.

The main thing is its magnetic brake which can be easily operated with hand. Permanent magnet is used to stop the wheel without touching the wheel. You can use 8-level tension knob to adjust the fitness intensity easier or harder depending upon your want. Non-slip pedals with adjustable straps help you to ensure safety and stability.

The amazing service provided by the company is also another added factor for this to buy. I hope this will be a very very useful product for your home members.

Cockatoo Smart Exercise Bike
  • Magnetic resistance exercise bike
  • 110 Kg maximum user weight
  • 5 Kg flywheel
  • Made of Alloy steel
  • LCD monitor to display time, speed, distance and calories burnt
  • 8-level tension knob for adjustment
  • Base wheels for movement
  • Height adjustable seat and handlebar


  • Amazing service by the company
  • Super silent workout
  • Made of heavy Alloy steel frame
  • Complete solution for the whole family


  • 5 Kg flywheel might be less for few people

3. Flexnest- Flexible Bluetooth enabled Smart Indoor Exercise Bike with Classes on app – Check Price On Amazon

See, many people might think how they would workout without a fitness trainer, so this is the solution for those people. Flexnest has launched bluetooth enabled smart indoor exercise bike for workout. This comes with 1 year membership of on demand training classes and virtual rides that can be accessed with the app. These on demand classes guide, motivate and inspire you and ultimately give you the engaging experience that one needs to focus at home. The display has 3 modes to ride on the flexible quick rides, virtual rides(cycling somewhere around the world) and classes rides. The classes rides also have thousands of member to have a cycling competition.

Its flywheel comes with belt drive system with magnetic resistance that can be viewed on the app and adjusted up to 100 levels. The workout can also be cast on the big screens of your smart TV and other devices.

Overall this is one stop solution for full cardio with digital trainer guiding you thoroughly and also you can ride in cities like New York, Paris or Tokyo as per your wish(with screen).

Flexnest smart exercise bike
  • Belt drive system
  • 120 Kg maximum user weight
  • 14.5 lbs (approx 6.5 Kg) flywheel
  • Made of Alloy Steel
  • Magnetic resistance up to 100 levels
  • 3 riding modes
  • One year subscription of on demand training classes
  • Anti-slip pedals with adjustable straps


  • Magnetic resistance gives 100 levels of resistance
  • Training classes for guidance
  • Virtual cycling tour to the world’s beautiful locations
  • Value for money product


  • Bit expensive but advanced features make it a worth it machine

4. Reach Evolve Spin Bike – Check Price On Amazon

If you are looking for heavy flywheel to make your body really tough and to get it in shape, this one is for you. This has chain drive system to create momentum for longer period of time. Its seat also comes with vertical and horizontal both type of adjustment. The spin cycle is also equipped with quiet and smooth wool felt brake pad system allows you to have various tension levels. This way you can have intense workout and burn more calories. The bike also has base wheels to move it around with ease.

The LCD monitor used to display all parameters speed, time, distance and calories burnt. The bike has been given anti-slip aluminium cage shape foot pedals for safety and comfort. Also the handle can be adjusted according to your need.

Bottle holder and ergonomic seat are other advantages of this exercise bike.

Reach Spin Bike
  • Chain drive system
  • 120 Kg maximum user weight
  • 18 Kg flywheel
  • wool felt resistance
  • LCD display for speed, distance, time and calorie burnt
  • Vertical and horizontal both type of height adjustments to seat
  • Base wheels for easy movement
  • Water bottle holder


  • Smooth and quiet workout
  • Heavy flywheel of 18 Kg
  • Sturdy product
  • Good quality material used


  • Few people complained about seat being uncomfortable and used cushion for this

5. Reach Air bike exercise cycle with moving handles and adjustable cushioned seat – Check Price On Amazon

If you are looking for full body workout solution, your search stops here as this machine has all the features. It is basically a combination of upright bike and recumbent bike and also comes with a twister to strengthen your core. Moving handles and twister make it a multipurpose machine. Since this has non contact type resistance, it will run very smoothly and silently without any disturbance at your home.

This has been designed ergonomically keeping comfortable seating with large adjustable seat cushions. Also the ergonomic seat comes with side handles and back support seat as it might be required. To enhances the ergonomics, high density foam has been attached on the handle bars. The handles can be locked with the lock in case of using it for lower body workout only.

The flywheel comes with belt drive system which requires low maintenance and can be adjusted with resistance knob. The LCD monitor displays speed, distance, time and calorie burnt by you.

Overall I would say this is probably one of the best exercise bikes in this budget range but assemble it properly to get the maximum of it.

Reach Air Bike
  • Belt drive system
  • 100 Kg maximum user weight
  • Made from Alloy Steel
  • Moving and stationary handles option
  • Back support with handles type seat
  • Twister to strengthen full body
  • LCD display for speed, distance, time and calorie burnt


  • Innovative product as comes with multiple uses
  • Anti shaking resistance
  • Made by popular Indian fitness brand
  • Pedal strap for better hold
  • No noise generation


  • Few people complained about loose nuts and bolts so please assemble the machine properly with the help of customer support executive or manual

6. Cardio Max JSB Fitness bike for home, foldable X-bike with backrest and hand support – Check Price On Amazon

If space is your concern in your home then this foldable X-bike would be the best choice for you. This can be easily folded and put in the corner of your home. JSB as a brand has been pioneer in health industry since last 35 years and manufactures high quality products with assured after sale service. Coming back to the bike, this is a silent workout machine comes with magnetic resistance. The foldable cushioned backseat gives you comfort in between the brakes.

8 level resistance helps you to make your exercise tough or easy depending on the user’s requirement. Although few people might feel 4 Kg flywheel is bit less but this could be the best thing as well for an exercise bike. As this is suitable for all the family members, even teenagers can use this safely(under supervision).

Display monitor, heart pulse sensor and mobile holder are other wonderful features to look for in the bike.

Cardio Max JSB fitness bike
  • Magnetic resistance mechanism
  • 4 Kg flywheel
  • 100 Kg maximum user weight
  • Made of Alloy Steel
  • Display for time, distance, speed and calorie burnt
  • Suitable for whole family
  • Needs very less space
  • Mobile and tablet holder


  • Occupies very less space because of X shape
  • Suitable for whole family including teenagers
  • Mobile and tablet holder


  • Nothing as such

7. Cockatoo Smart Series Foldable X-bike – Check Price On Amazon

We have added another option of X-bike in the list, this also needs very less space in your home. You can easily fold it and place it to any corner of your home. With 8 level manual tension, you can set up to any level according to your need. Magnetic brake system operates the cycle well without any noise. Two belt transmission mechanism and magnetic resistance provides a quite and smooth operation during workout.

The unique feature of the bike is its two bearings allowing you to cycle in both the directions, forward or reverse. The LCD displays all the basic parameters like speed and distance traveled. The best part about X-bikes is that almost all the members can use it in your home.

Last but not the least, Cocaktoo provides very good customer support to its customers.

  • Two belt transmission mechanism and magnetic resistance
  • 4 Kg flywheel
  • 110 Kg maximum user weight
  • LCD monitor displays speed, distance, time and calorie burnt
  • Magnetic brake system
  • Easily foldable bike


  • Suitable for people with back pain
  • Silent workout
  • Good finishing and looks good as well
  • Good service from customer support


  • Nothing as such

8. Sparnod Fitness SAB-05 Air Bike Exercise cycle for Home Gym (Dual Action for full body) – Check Price On Amazon

Again we have the machine which helps to cover your entire body to get it in shape. Sparnod bike comes with all the basic and good very features. There is an option of fixing handle bars as well if you need to use the bike that way. The stationary bike offers excellent aerobic workout. It provides a lower body, low impact cardiovascular workout of hips, legs, calves and buttocks. It also gets your heart rate high and burn higher calorie helping to loose the weight quickly. To target upper body muscles, one can also use dual action handle bars.

Tension controller knob allows the adjustment of resistance level that offers you different level of workout intensity and you can set this according to your wish. The LCD display tracks time, speed, distance and calories burnt. The seat comes with height adjustment and bike has foot pedals with straps avoiding the slippage of foot.

Back support is another added advantage for relaxation in breaks.

Sparnod Exercise cycle
  • Belt drive system
  • Fan based resistance
  • 100 Kg maximum user weight
  • Comfortable seat with backrest
  • LCD monitor to display speed, time distance and calorie burnt
  • Moving handle bars
  • Made of Alloy steel and plastic


  • Affordable exercise bike
  • Full body exercise
  • Good health benefits
  • Value for money


  • Nothing as such, its a great product at this price

9. AMSFIT Air Bike Exercise Cycle for weight loss – Check Price On Amazon

Next, we have in the list is AMSFIT exercise cycle for weight loss that suits all the age group people. This comes with adjustable seat height and moving handle bars. This also has a fixed handle bar that you can use in case of only lower body workout. You can also set resistance manually using a dial knob and increase or decrease the resistance as per your need. To make it stable on the floor, an anti-skid rubber floor grip comes so that you have smooth workout session.

Also the foot lock mechanism make it safe as it prevents jerking and accidental injuries. Its handle bar make it a dual action bike covering upper and lower body. The material used in the exercise bike is good enough to make it a sturdy and durable product.

LED monitor and dual action feature add other advantages to make it to be in the list of best exercise cycle for home gym.

AMSFIT Exercise cycle
  • Belt drive system
  • 100 Kg maximum user weight
  • LED monitor to display speed, time, distance and calorie burnt
  • Micro adjustment resistance
  • Anti-skid rubber floor
  • Ideal exercise bike for all age groups
  • Moving handle and fixed handle


  • Sturdy and stable machine
  • Both moving and fixed handle given
  • Foot lock pedals


  • Nothing as its a great product at this price

10. Healthex 1213 Stainless Steel Air Bike with moving handle and adjustable cushioned seat – Check Price On Amazon

Another affordable and good exercise cycle that we have added in the list is from brand Healthx. The moving handles help you to workout for upper body and you can also fix them as per your requirement. Also, the other advantage is its easy portability and less space occupancy. This is a precisely designed exercise bike providing comfortable sitting with height adjustable seat. The anti-slip pedals also come with adjustable strap for firm grip.

The electronic display is useful for displaying speed, time, distance and calorie burnt by you. You can always observe that calorie burnt by exercise bike is much more than the calorie burnt by walking. You can also set the resistance using resistance knob given and you make your exercise intense.

HealthX Exercise Bike
  • Belt drive system
  • 100 Kg user weight
  • LCD monitor to display time, distance, speed and calorie burnt
  • Pedals with strap
  • Resistance knob to set the resistance
  • Moving handles that can be fixed


  • Easily portable
  • Affordable bike having all the basic features
  • Made of Alloy Steel
  • Precisely designed


  • Nothing as such

Best exercise cycle/bike for home – Buying Guide

Before buying exercise bike or any product for that matter, one must know the factors which are useful to select the right exercise bike that suits “your” need. Based on these factors( or parameters) only, you should select the right exercise bike for you. Let us discuss them one by one-

  • Type of exercise cycles – Generally people buy exercise bike to reduce belly fat. But you can also use it to keep yourself fit and to have whole body workout like in air bike. Air bike comes with movable handles for complete body exercise, upper and lower both. Your legs, hands, heart and lungs work better. But enhance workout time in increasing way, don’t jump to 1 hour workout on the first day itself. These bikes (with movable handles) are also called upright bike and these are best for moderate cardiovascular workout. Spin bikes are more suitable for those wanting intense workout as these bikes have heavier flywheel, more resistance and require more force to drive. Spin bikes are generally good for athletes and professionals. Last comes recumbent bike giving reclining backrest to people having back pain issues. This would be useful more maintaining good spinal posture. Wrong mattress could also be the reason for the back pain, you can learn more about them clicking here.
  • Weight Capacity – The weight capacity of the exercise bike must be at least 20 Kg more than your weight. Or it might be 20 Kg more than the weight of the person of highest weight in your family so that anybody can use it later.
  • Resistance type – Air bikes come with a fan and generally resistance knob is not given in air bike machine. You would have to pedal it as per your need but the resistance would be constant ( changeable only in short range). Exercise bikes with magnetic resistance come with various levels(up to 100 levels) of resistance due to its untouchability. Otherwise simple bikes have up to 8 levels of resistance as it depends of the tension of the belt.
  • Seat Ergonomics – The seat must be comfortable enough for you to sit as it must not be hard while working out. For this, you can just read the reviews of buyers while purchasing online or you can have a visit somewhere near your store if you want. We have selected the bikes having comfortable and soft seats for long workout. Also some exercise bikes come with backrest to use them as recumbent bike but buy only the one in which you can remove the backrest. Backrest are also helpful for the people having back pain.
  • Display – Generally all the bikes come with an LCD monitor giving the record of your speed of cycling, the distance traveled by you, the time you have given to cycling and calories burnt by you while workout. Other than these, pulse rate sensor also displays pulse rate in some exercise cycles. Advanced display also come in exercise bikes to make your workout more immersive showing online training classes for example and cost increases with them consequently.
  • Pedals of the bike – You must buy an exercise bike that has pedals with good gripping and that comes with adjustable straps. This way anybody can put their foot on the pedal. Attention to pedals is necessary as slipping of feet might cause injury to you.
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